Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair

For repair, installation, or maintainance of Hot Water Heaters; the plumbing specialists as Mission have Houston covered.  We have the expertise and experience to repair and/or replace all major brands of water heaters.  


Leaking Water Heater Tank? next Steps

Your best first step will be to determine where the leak is occurring on the water heater. FIRST, look at the drain valve which is typically at the bottom of the heater and looks like a garden hose connection.  If leaking there this is likely a simple fix for replacing the drain valve.  Secondly, look at the tank.   If the tank itself is leaking you'll likely need a new water heater.  Call a plumber to replace BUT FIRST turn off the water heater and water supply.  For gas water heaters their will be a dial on-off switch.  Go ahead and turn "off".  NEXT shutoff the cold water going into the heater. Typically this is above the heater and looks like a handle or valve. Finally call a plumber.  For Houston Plumbers call Mission 713-520-2012.   

Popping Loud Banging Water Heater?

As tank Water heaters age they begin to build up calcium deposits.  This build up is what commonly causes noises, gurgelling, popping, or banging coming from inside a water heater tank.  Minerals are natural to most homes water systems but these build ups are not only annoying to hear but can also reduce the life of a water heater.  By removing mineral deposits in the water through water filtration this will reduce the pace of calcification.  Water Softeners do well with reducing the mineral deposits within your water.  Further, regularly flushing your hot water heater will help purge out the water tank and prevent/reduce buildup causing loud noises and elongate the lifespan.

PricE OF a new Water Heater

Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing offers FREE ESTIMATES on new water heaters (tank or tankless).  For more information Call 713-520-2012

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