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Electrical Fixtures

Have your Houston home looking brand new!

Houston’s Electrical Fixture Experts!

At a foundational level, the electrical fixtures in your home play a crucial role in making it a comfortable and convenient space. When approached more thoughtfully, these fixtures can be carefully curated and installed to help create an unmatched baseline for your home aesthetic.

Regardless of the side of the spectrum that you live on — whether you want WIFI-connected mood lighting that you can control from the other side of the planet or simply want your lights to reliably turn on every time you flip the switch — the team here at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric is here with the skills, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best electrical fixture installation and repair around.

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Comprehensive Service For All Your Electrician Needs

Technology is becoming inseparably integrated into our day-to-day lives, and our homes haven’t escaped its influence. While the past may have been simpler, there’s no question that the future is more convenient. It’s our mission here at Mission to make sure none of our customers miss out.

Light Fixtures

Light acts as the base for the mood of your home. The wrong lighting can make what should feel like an inviting home feel more like a clinical workspace. With electrical light fixture installations from Mission, the lighting of your home will be customized to the exact aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

Ceiling Fans

If you haven’t looked into the wide range of options available for your home’s ceiling fan, you could be missing out! From remote connectivity and RGB to WIFI connectivity, now’s your opportunity to let your ceiling fan be the source of a refreshing breeze and many interesting conversations.


As convenient as outlets already are, Mission is here to make them better! Whether it’s adding additional outlets or installing USB and Ethernet connectivity in all the important locations, we’re equipped to provide whatever outlet service you need, including power outlet repairs!

Light Switches

Another, often overlooked area of the home where it’s possible to add a touch of personalization and convenience is light switches. From upgrading your switches to dimmers to installing sensors that turn the lights on as the sun goes down, we’re ready to handle any situation you could throw at us.

Exhaust Fans

A properly installed exhaust fan can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home. High-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms require great ventilation to remove humidity and particulates from your air.

Outdoor Lighting

Not only can the right lighting dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home, but having light in the right places at the right time can also be the only deterrent that criminals need to think otherwise.

Smart Home Devices

With WIFI integration, it’s now possible to have nearly seamless integration of every electrical component of your home. With smart electric lighting fixtures, WIFI-connected thermostats and HVAC systems you can control with your smartphone, it’s more possible than ever to live in a home where everything from the lighting to the temperature can be changed without being home.

Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric, Your Fixture For Reliable Electricians

If you’re looking for a team you can trust with every electrical component in your home, then don’t hesitate to call Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric today! We don’t plan to allow our standards to dip as we continue to expand the stellar range of services that we’re proud to offer our customers.

Whether you need simple electrical light fixture help or require an exhaust fan capable of handling your flambe obsession, our electronic craftsmen have the skills you need to equip your home with all of the modern accommodations you could ever want.

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