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Meet The Owner

Mission AC owner and family

The Man Behind The Mission

David Lewis, the owner of Mission AC, is a seasoned professional in the field of HVAC, plumbing and home services. With a strong educational foundation, extensive industry experience and a genuine passion for helping people, he has successfully built and managed two HVAC and plumbing companies, each dedicated to the repair, replacement and maintenance of residential and commercial facilities.

A Diverse Career Path

During his 15-year career, David has taken on various roles that have enriched his expertise. He has been an Outside Sales Representative, providing comprehensive HVAC solutions to clients.

As a Technical Support Specialist, he excelled in addressing complex HVAC and plumbing challenges. David’s managerial skills shone through during his role as a General Manager, where he ensured that customers received top-notch service. As President, he has set new industry standards, steering his company to success and excellence.

Beyond The Profession

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David Lewis is a man of varied interests and passions. He treasures quality time with his family and actively participates in his local church community, finding fulfillment in giving back and contributing to the well-being of others. His love for travel has taken him to diverse destinations, allowing him to explore and learn about different cultures and environments.

In his leisure time, you can often find David on the golf course, enjoying the challenge and camaraderie that the sport offers. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to him, and he dedicates time to fitness activities that keep him energized and focused.

In addition to his own interests, David has generously shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for sports by coaching numerous teams, notably leading two State Champion Track teams. This commitment to coaching reflects his passion for mentoring and guiding individuals to achieve their best potential.

A Calling, Not Just A Career

David Lewis’s career in the HVAC and plumbing industry is not merely a profession but a calling. His 15 years of experience, paired with his exceptional educational background and unwavering commitment to service, make him a standout figure in the field.

His dedication to helping local families and facility owners maintain safe and comfortable indoor spaces is at the core of his professional journey. It is these qualities that have shaped David into a respected leader in the HVAC and plumbing industry, and he continues to make a positive impact through his business—Mission AC.

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