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Enjoy energy-efficient spot cooling and the versatility to fit in any home or business with VRV / VRF technology.
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Houston VRV & VRF Experts

VRV (or Variable Refrigerant Volume) systems are among the most advanced HVAC systems in the world, offering room-by-room comfort for heating and cooling. VRV systems overcome distances with and without ducting and are perfect for a vast number of configurations as they are completely customizable to your construction or retrofit project in the Houston metro area.

Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric has factory-trained ductless technicians and staff prepared to help you with your VRV system installation. We provide service & installation for Daikin and LG Variable Refrigerant Volume & Flow Systems. Our preferred brand is Daikin as they are the leader in this technology and have a local factory.


What’s the difference between VRV and VRF? Virtually nothing! When the technology was first created by Daikin, it was called VRV. When other manufacturers began creating the same equipment, they used Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) to avoid copyright issues with Daikin’s coveted brand. That’s why VRV and VRF mean the same thing and the units that use this technology operate the same way.

Why Get A VRV Or VRF System?

Energy efficiency, ease of installation, maintenance and customizable design are a few of the reasons to install VRV & VRF systems in your Houston building.

Energy Efficiency

The most compelling reason for VRV installation is energy efficiency. Increases in efficiency — and therefore reductions in utility usage — can be very dramatic.  This efficiency is created due to spot cooling and improved effectiveness of heat transfer.

VRF is a technology that differs from standard heating and cooling systems because it regulates the amount of refrigerant moving through a building. Most traditional systems are either 100% on or 100% off – thus operating at full energy consumption whenever “on”. The key to efficiency in a VRV/VRF system is the use of inverter-driven compressors to regulate this volume of refrigerant.

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Outside of the efficiency, Houston building and homeowners should consider VRV systems for their installation versatility. The variety and design of the indoor configuration are nearly endless. From traditional HVAC to ductless systems, the design process can allow for acute comfort in fully customized configurations. The design process can allow for even greater increases in comfort and building efficiency. The versatility allows the technology to be installed on nearly any commercial building style and type.

VRV/VRF Use Cases

VRVs are most commonly found on commercial structures but can also be ideal for custom homes. For builders and owners looking for the greatest level of comfort and home efficiency, VRV technology is superior to any central air system available.

Most central air systems operate at efficiencies from 14-16 SEER, whereas VRVs can range from 18 SEER to 29.3 SEER. Furthermore, the inverter compressor on a VRV system has a superior ability to remove humidity compared to single-speed central air conditioning. Dehumidification is highly desirable, especially in our hot Houston climate.

Ask Mission AC If VRV/VRF Is Right For You

If you’re considering investing in VRV/VRF in Memorial City or surrounding areas of Houston, it’s best to consult with an air conditioner professional. The team at Mission AC has been recommending and installing these units for years, so you can be sure that we’ll make your home or building as comfortable as you desire. To schedule your services today, give us a call!

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