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Given that they make up such a foundational part of our modern lives, electrical systems are surprisingly fragile. Anytime they’re forced to deal with more electricity than they’re designed to use, things can go wrong.

Here at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric, it’s one of our main goals to provide the equipment and information that keeps our customer’s electrical fixtures running as they should for as long as possible.

Electrical surges can be caused by several things and tend to come unexpectedly. We like to protect our customers by providing access to some of the best surge protection devices on the market.

What Is Surge Protection?

Surge protection involves the diversion of electricity once a spike in energy is detected. This is generally done with a device installed between the power line and your electronics.

Surge protection can be achieved at a source with a surge protection outlet or for the entire home with a whole-home surge protection device.

When Do I Need Surge Protection?

It’s our opinion that every home should have a surge protector, and not just because we sell them!

Surges can happen to any home, and your electronics are expensive and deserve protection! However, some circumstances make it extra important you utilize a surge protector.

Below are the situations where investing in a surge protector could potentially pay for itself with the protection you’ll gain.

You Live Where Storms Frequently Occur

One of the most common causes of electrical surges is lightning strikes, something no one in Texas is a stranger to. When lightning strikes, it can cause an overload of electricity in the area, sending a powerful wave of electricity to your home. Without surge protection, the energy can rush through at will, oftentimes frying devices and creating fire risks.

You Have High Powered Electronics

Whether you have a Bitcoin mining operation in your spare bedroom or an artisan tomato farm in your garage, homes with high energy needs will greatly benefit from surge protection. The more devices plugged into your electrical systems, the more that’s at risk from electrical surges.

You Work From Home

When business and home mix, it’s always a good idea to take the extra precaution of equipping your workspace with electronic protection.

When it contains everything you need to do your job, a fried computer during a thunderstorm can mean disaster. The team here at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric wants to protect all of our remote workers from a situation that can have disastrous effects on their livelihoods.

Insurance Discounts

Because it’s an elective step in protecting some of the expensive items in your home that might be covered under insurance, some homeowner policies offer premium discounts on homes equipped with surge protection!

You Utilize Automation

Thanks to technology, automation can make so many aspects of life easier. Unfortunately, setting up automation can be a job in itself. Sudden surges are capable of corrupting memory files on computers and erasing all of the hard work you put into setting up automation. Do yourself the favor and protect that investment with surge protection.

Safety Advantages You Can’t Ignore

Thanks to our surge protection devices, our customers are protected from many potentially dangerous side effects of unregulated electricity. Aside from the added convenience, surge protectors help protect you from:

  • Potential fires
  • Electric shock
  • Unexpected damage to electronics
  • Data loss/damage
  • Expensive repair costs

We believe that surge protection should be a standardized aspect of home safety in every home in Texas. Just like fire hydrants are readily available in every neighborhood, every home should be equipped with a device that protects it from the unintended consequences of excessive electricity.

Stay Protected With Mission

If you want to keep your electronics safe by investing in the shield of surge protection, then call the team at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric now!

Peace of mind can be invaluable, and with whole house surge protection from our professionals, you never have to worry about your delicate electronics in a storm again!

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