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Electric panels, or “breaker panels”, are responsible for regulating and distributing the incoming electricity being directed from the local power grid into your home. Acting as switchboards, these panels ensure that each independent circuit in a given structure is getting an adequate supply of energy.

Adversely, panels are designed to shut off, or break the circuit, when it detects an overload of energy or anything else wrong with the system.

These panels are vital components of your home’s electricity systems, and the professionals here at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric are eager to establish themselves as the best electric panel installation/repair team in Houston!

electrician at work on an electrical panel

The Dangers Of Inadequate/Faulty Electrical Panels

The levels of electricity flowing into your home through the breaker panels can be incredibly dangerous and must be handled with care.

Your home’s electric panel is the main cog that allows your entire electric system to function. Without it, the power being directed into your home would have no way to divert the large amount of electricity coming in from your local main line into the various circuits of your home.

Your panel must be able to withstand the amount of energy being directed through it.

Utilizing a panel that isn’t rated for the electrical load you’re putting it under can lead to regularly occurring electrical problems — or worse, a dangerous situation that creates a fire hazard for you and your family.

Failing to use a properly functioning panel can lead to:

  • Fire hazard
  • Electrical shock
  • Code violations
  • Reduced home value
  • Damaged appliances
  • Poor electrical performance
  • Increased maintenance costs

When To Consider An Electric Panel Replacement

Unfortunately, it isn’t always clear when homeowners should start considering panel replacement. There’s no alarm or flashing red light that urgently means “Replace me!”.

Given that it’s so essential to safety that you utilize an adequate panel for your needs, we’ve put together this list of common scenarios that might indicate it’s time to have your panel inspected by a professional electrician.

Increased Power Demand

As the crossroads for all of the electricity being used in your home, your electricity panel must have the capacity to handle all of the energy being put through it. If you are using more electrical devices than you have in the past, it may be time to evaluate your panel again.


Older panels can become outdated and fail to meet modern safety specifications and requirements. If you live in an older home and you don’t know when your last inspection was, it might be time to upgrade your electrical panel.

Home Renovations/Additions

When making renovations or additions it’s important to make sure that your panel is equipped to handle any increase in load that might come with the addition. Electrical panels are installed with your home’s blueprint in mind. Adding onto your square footage can change the recommended panel strength.

Frequent Electrical Issues

As a main connection line for your entire electric system, it’s not uncommon for faults at your breaker box to have compounding effects on your entire home. If you notice your breakers being tripped frequently, consult an electrician for help.

Code Compliance

Being the distribution system for all of the electricity entering your home, electric panels have fairly high standards for code compliance.

We recommend having your entire system inspected every ten years. As components age and regulations change, your current unit may have fallen below compliant standards.

Electric Panel Service That Provides Peace Of Mind

When you need an electric panel upgrade or replacement, Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric is eager to take in the job. Breaker panels are an essential component of your home’s electricity system, and our team wants to make sure you are ready for any electrical load you could put it under.

Call on our team today for electrical services you can count on!

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