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Maintain Electrical Safety In Houston

Knowing when to have a home’s electricity system inspected can mean the difference between outlets and lights working as they should and something disastrous happening like a house fire. While the components that make up the modern electricity system are well-understood and refined through decades of development, proper installation is vital for both function and safety.

With such electrifying stakes, you want an electrician that’s backed by a company with a proven record for customer satisfaction — one that will thoroughly inspect every inch of wire to ensure that your family stays safe and their phones remain charged. Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric is determined to be that company.

With over a decade of experience working to establish ourselves as one of the best and most reliable home services companies in Houston, our team is excited to extend that hard-earned expertise to provide peace of mind to local homeowners.

electrician doing an electrical inspection on a new home

When Do You Need A Home Electrical Inspection?

Most of us have never needed an electrical inspection, so it’s easy to overlook how important they can be.

However, during key moments, having an electrical system properly inspected can be the difference between making a smart investment and being forced to waste thousands of dollars down the line. At worst, a faulty system can put your family at risk.

You might want to consider an inspection in the situation explored below.

Building A New Home

Major construction projects can be chaotic, so all major systems must be inspected upon completion to ensure that nothing major was missed, especially when it comes to a home’s electricity and wiring.

Your Live In An Older Home

Depending on the age of your home, our team recommends that you have your wiring inspected once every 5 to 10 years, depending on its age and condition. Electrical systems age, so it’s a good idea to ensure that time and the elements have not weakened or worn down any important components.

Doing Major Renovations Or Additions

Similar to new construction, there can be a lot of working parts when it comes to major renovations or additions in a home. Anytime major work is done, it’s important to have everything inspected to make sure you can enjoy your hard work for years to come.

When Experiencing Frequent Or Reoccurring Electrical Issues

Electrical problems can be complicated, and seemingly small issues can impact your home in major ways. If you’re noticing inconsistent power outlets, flickering lights or any other sort of persistent electrical issue, an inspection from one of our professionals should be able to pinpoint the issue and get you on the path to the ideal solution.

Before Buying Or Selling Real Estate

Before purchasing real estate, having the electricity system inspected is vital to ensure the safety of your investment. You need to be aware of the status of the electrical system ahead of time to determine who should be responsible for making repairs or updates.

Every 10 Years

We recommend that everyone have their electrical systems inspected at least once every decade to ensure that nothing is majorly failing or has fallen under acceptable standards of condition.

What Will Fail An Electrical Inspection?

There are a lot of ways a system could fail an electrical inspection, but the major problems our team is looking out for are:

  • Code violations
  • Unsafe wiring
  • Faulty outlets
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Inadequate grounding
  • Incorrect installations
  • Aging components
  • Exposed wiring
  • Lack of safety devices
  • Non-compliance

Keep Your Home ‘Current’ With An Electrical Home Inspection

The team here at Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric takes pride in keeping our customers safe by providing some of the most comprehensive electrical inspections around.

If you need to have your home wiring looked at and want a team that’s known for never cutting corners, don’t hesitate to call Mission today!

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