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Outlet Repairs

Get your home running efficiently with new outlets!

Plug-In Safely With Mission AC

For most of us, wall outlets are such a common feature of buildings and infrastructure that we consider it an inconvenience when a wall doesn’t have enough of them.

Thankfully we are fortunate enough to live in a time where such technological miracles are so common that we don’t think about them most of the time. That is until we find ourselves with a dead phone, uselessly tethered to a wall outlet that is failing to deliver the power that we’ve all become so accustomed to.

When this happens, you need a more reliable path other than extreme frustration — you need an electrical outlet repair specialist at Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric! Our team provides stellar Houston outlet repairs and replacements to keep your devices charged up and reliable.


US outlet installed in a kitchen on white subway tile backsplash

Superior Outlet Services

At Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric, we’re dedicated to providing a consistent standard of superior service at every level. From rewiring your entire home to replacing a faulty outlet, we guarantee to handle all of our customer’s issues with the same amount of care and respect.

Many of us never give wall outlets a second thought. However, as a homeowner, you could be missing out on exciting opportunities to personalize your home and make your life that much more convenient.

Precision Installations

At one time or another, we’ve all been forced to furnish a room entirely based on the location of outlets. Limited access to power means limited options when it comes to organizing your home, but the professionals here at Mission have a solution.

With our custom outlet installations, your need for power will only be limited by your imagination. We can install electrical outlets pretty much anywhere you could possibly need one, and we’re eager to figure out what unique ways we can help personalize your home!

Diagnostic Assessments

A faulty outlet can be caused by something as tiny as a shorted out wire anywhere in your electrical system. Luckily, our team knows how to find the solution. Wherever you’re dealing with a problematic outlet, our team has the skills knowledge and experience to pinpoint the electrical problem and provide you with a solution that’ll have your phones charging in no time.

USB Outlet Installations

In the modern day, outlets are no longer limited to the two-prong and ground configuration that’s been the standard in the United States for decades. With USB outlets, your home will reach new levels of convenience as every outlet is turned into a power block for your charging needs.

GFCI Outlet Installations

GFCI outlets are designed with faxed action internal circuit breakers capable of cutting off power in a 40th of a second. These outlets are essential for safely providing power in high-moisture environments such as your bathroom and kitchen.

Smart Outlet Integration

Nearly everything comes with WIFI connectivity these days — and wall outlets are no exception. If you’re going the smart home route and value convenience and automation in your home technology, then smart outlets just might be the next logical step for you.

Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric, Your Outlet For Every Electricity Need

Whether you need a simple electrical outlet installation or need to plan the total rewiring of your entire house, call on a team Houston trusts. Our team not only has the skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality services but also the hunger and desire to prove ourselves as industry leaders in electrical repair and service.

With years of skin in the home service game and a proven track record for success, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and discover how Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric is redefining the way you think about home service companies.

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