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With a ductless AC system, each of your family members can stay comfortable in their own way.
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Your Houston Area Ductless Mini-Split AC Providers

Ductless air conditioning systems, also known as mini-split systems, offer an energy-efficient way to keep your entire family comfortable – even when you disagree on what an ideal room temperature means. At Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electric, we will install your new single or multi-zone ductless system risk-free.

Choosing to install a ductless AC system in your home over a typical HVAC system increases your home’s energy efficiency by eliminating the possibility of air leakage through the air ducts. A ductless air conditioner is a smaller, less-invasive version of a window unit that’s more efficient and makes less noise. Similar to window units, ductless AC systems offer a quick solution when you’re building an addition to your home or prefer various rooms to be at different temperatures.

Get An Instant Mini-Split Quote

Get a quote for garages, bonus rooms, hot rooms, server rooms … virtually any space that you’d like to spot cool and heat for your home or business. Just send us the following information to get an instant quote.

  • Picture and sq. ft. of the room
  • Picture of outside
  • Electrical panel (location and distance to outdoor unit location)
  • Send us your phone number, email address, and address (must be in Houston).

* This is typically only possible for single mini-splits NOT for multi-port or VRV setups. VRV and multi-port minis will require plan, spec & site visit.

Major Types Of Mini-Split Indoor Units

ductless mini-split wall mounted


This is the most common ductless design and model available. Most people typically think of these from their travels overseas, as they are very popular throughout the rest of the world. When installing a wall-mounted mini-split, the manufacturer’s requirements are vital to the process especially when ensuring the proper handling of clearance and controlling condensation. Many people in the US don’t like the look of a traditional wall mount, which is one of the reasons so many other options exist for mini-splits.

More commonly found in office spaces with dropped ceilings, the ductless ceiling cassette is a great way to have four-way airflow while not using wall space for the installation and aesthetic. Ceiling cassette mini-splits are absolutely available for single-room applications down to 9k capacity output and can be a great choice for a home without sacrificing the look and feel of a home with central air.

Drop Down Cassette

Both single and multi-directional cassettes are available. The application of these is less common as their application is more acute. Commonly found in locations that do not have the option for dropped ceilings or wall space, these are placed in high locations and look much like a projector screen when installed.

One-Way Ductless Cassette

Either in specific applications where space is limited, especially when fitting between supportive elements to a structure, the one-way cassette is an elegant solution. The one-way ceiling cassette is longer and more narrow. This ductless option has the ability to draw air from one side and supply air in a single direction.

Ducted Mini-Split

This is a popular mini-split option that is NOT ductless, but rather ducted. A ducted mini ensures both spot cooling AND consistency of look throughout a home. These minis operate much like a central air heat pump but in capacities that allow for high-efficiency applications where many central systems cannot properly fit.

Multi-Port & VRVs

Single outdoor condensers with multiple indoor components (either ducted or ductless) are among the most efficient methods to heat and cool the space while having room-by-room temperature control. Multi-port systems have the versatility to be installed on residential homes and businesses. Sizes range from 18k BTUs (1.5 tons) with two indoor units up to 60k BTUs (5 tons with 9 indoor units) on residential applications. Commercial or custom build systems using VRV & VRF systems can have configurations from 6 tons to 20 tons with 41 indoor air handlers. Custom design processes are required to configure systems of that scale.

Call Mission AC For Your Ductless AC Needs

These highly-efficient ductless mini-split HVAC systems have different requirements than your typical central air system. We can install any major brand of ductless mini-split – including Daikin, LG, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Gree and more.  Your ductless system will come with a single outdoor condenser and up to eight indoor ductless mini-split zones. Our team of professionals is trained to provide you with technical customer service that reflects the latest industry standards. We strive to treat our customers like family. That’s why we provide weekly training for our technicians and only use the latest tools and technology.

We stand behind our work and guarantee your satisfaction or you’ll receive your money back. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable ductless AC Houston company, look no further than Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electric. We are here for all your ductless AC installation and repair needs.

For more information about ductless mini-split systems or other services we offer, give us a call today.

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