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When your AC system breaks down in Houston, you need a fast, dependable technician to save the day.
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Air Conditioning Repairs Memorial City Homeowners Count On

Here in Houston, air conditioning is always a necessity — especially when those triple-digit summer days hit! Without a reliable AC, our homes can get extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. Unfortunately, you never know when your AC could suffer a refrigerant leak, form frozen coils or fail altogether!

When your AC unit breaks down, the only thing that can reduce your stress is knowing you’re getting a quick, dependable air conditioning repair service. When you call Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electric to save the day, you know that’s exactly what you’ll get. At Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric we’re proud to provide the air conditioning repair Houston homeowners deserve. With skilled team members and a dedication to your comfort and safety, your local HVAC, plumbing and Electric company is the best option to return your home to the chilly oasis you need. Contact us today if your system needs repairs or to learn more about our additional air conditioning installation services.

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houston ac repair services

Common Houston AC Repairs

As a Houston homeowner, it’s important that you have a close eye on your cooling system. Small signs of wear and tear are often indicators of a larger problem that needs to be repaired. If you ignore some of the introductory signs of system failure, a much more severe problem can occur, leading to costly and time-consuming issues. The quicker you recognize these signs of a problem, the faster our team can get to you and perform a flawless AC repair. Be on the lookout for these common signs of AC repair:

Warm Air Blowing from Air Conditioner

When your AC unit is delivering warm air to your home, one of several things could be wrong. Your air vents could be clogged and be putting strain on your unit, your coils could be frozen or your refrigerant could be low or leaking. These are all problems easily fixed by certified HVAC contractors.

Abnormal Sounds and Noises in AC

You can expect fairly quiet and neutral-smelling air from your vents all year round. When you’re disturbed by loud noises that haven’t happened before, there’s a problem. Similarly, sour, burnt or foul odors from your vents are something that needs to be checked out by a professional. You don’t want to risk your unit’s health or your own by breathing in tainted air!

Inconsistent Cooling

If you’ve noticed hot and cold spots in your home that never seem to regulate, your air ducts or AC unit may need attention. Our specialists can help locate the problem and fix it quickly.

Spikes in Your Utility Bill

One of the top signs that your HVAC system needs repair is if your energy bill suddenly spikes. If your energy usage has not changed, a sudden rise in your bill may indicate that your unit is using more energy to do the same job. An HVAC technician knows just what to check to make your system run efficiently again.

Low Air Flow

Your air should be available at a steady and consistent flow. If you notice a weak flow, your air ducts could be blocked or your unit could be struggling. Let a professional get to the bottom of this AC repair.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Break In The Summer?

Many Houston homeowners wonder why their air conditioners seem to fail when they need them the most. There are several reasons why your cooling system can form a repair or break down, but the rise in temperature in Texas is usually one of the main causes. While your AC unit is designed to produce cool air for your home even with hot temperatures outside, you’re probably also cranking the air conditioner on far more often during the summer. More use leads to more wear and tear, resulting in components breaking inside your system.

Another important thing to remember is that your AC will struggle far more if you’re demanding arctic temperatures in your home when it’s sweltering outside. As your air conditioning tries to maintain those low temperatures, the cold is leeching out every second. This causes your cooling system to run long cycles attempting to keep your home cold. A trick to help out your air conditioner is to set your thermostat in the upper 70-degree range and use fans to move the air around instead. You’ll still feel cooler, but you’ll be relying on wind chill to cool down instead of actually lowering the temperature.

You can also take advantage of our renowned AC tune-up services to prepare your system better for the summer season. With everything working at peak efficiency, your unit will have the best chance of shielding your home from the searing heat all year long!

Unparalleled Houston AC Repair Service

The last thing you need when facing an unexpected air conditioning repair is an unreliable HVAC contractor that doesn’t get the job done right. At Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electric we never cut corners or provide band-aid solutions. We get to the root of the problem and execute an air conditioner repair that will last. That’s just one of the things that make our team Memorial City’ favorite AC repair company.

In addition to our technical skills, we value the comfort and satisfaction of our customers like we do our own family. That’s why, when you’re in need of AC repair, we’ll arrive and assess the problem as quickly as possible. Whether the problem you’re experiencing has to do with electricity, filters, ducts or anything in between, we promise to do everything we can to get your AC up and running again. Our fast, friendly technicians are trained to use high-quality tools and technology to get your air conditioning up and running in no time.

Experience Premier AC Services In Houston, TX Today!

We strive to be the best so you and your family can receive outstanding services every time. Since customer service experience and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us, we’ll not only fix your unit but also communicate openly every step of the way. Ensuring the quality performance of your air conditioner unit begins with transparent communication and ends with educating our customers so that you’re able to better maintain your HVAC system yourself.

As soon as your AC breaks down, Mission Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electric is here to save the day. We take pride in our services and guarantee our high-quality work every time. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction promise, backed by our money-back guarantee. Give us a call today if you’re in need of AC repair services and see why Houston homeowners continue to choose us as their trustworthy, reliable HVAC services company.

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