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Since 2020, the market share taken up by electronic vehicles has tripled, rising from 4% to 14%. For an industry known for its rigidity, this is staggering growth. For every EV on the road, another house needs to be equipped with the capability to charge them.

When it comes to EV car charger installation in Houston, Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric is working hard to be the industry leader. Investing in a reliable power source for vehicle charging in your home can be easy and safe — especially with professionals on your side!

Why Choose Mission AC For Your EV Car Charger Installation?

Closeup EV charging station with white electric charger plug connected to charging platform power sauce

With no shortage of satisfied plumbing and HVAC customers, it’s our goal to provide Houston with the highest skilled and most comprehensive electricians we possibly can. With electric vehicles not getting any less popular, EV charging capabilities are only going to become more and more necessary.

Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric aims to serve that need by setting the standard for EV charger service. Installing EV charging stations needs to be done with precision and care, ensuring you can efficiently access power for your vehicle while maintaining safety for your home. Below are some of the factors we take into consideration when installing EV charging equipment.


While DIY EV charging setups are possible, we never recommend them because they fail to meet comfortable standards of safety.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers, and this comes through in all of the work that we do. We assure you that all equipment we install will be fully certified and that we’ll triple-check all of our work to ensure your safety charge after charge.


EV car chargers are subject to strict compliance regulations at both a local and federal level. Professional electrical installation will ensure that you’re charging station is 100% compliant with all applicable regulations.


EV chargers come in two models, which differ in the amount of power channeled into the car in a set amount of time. This primarily affects the speed of charging.

  • Level 1 – 120 volts
  • Level 2 – 240 volts

The professional grade level two chargers that we provide will ensure that your car charges as fast as possible while utilizing the most efficient amount of energy.


It’s possible to charge certain vehicles directly from a wall outlet or washer/dryer hook-up. These setups will never be as efficient, safe or as convenient as a professionally installed counterpart.

With the professional insulation from the electricians here at Mission, your car charger will be seamlessly integrated into the structure of your home and will be convenient to access and use for years to come.

Future Proofing

Having a car charger professionally integrated into your home electrical system will go a long way toward future-proofing your home for decades to come.

With market share for electronic vehicles continually on the rise, these charging ports are going to become more of a necessity as the years go by. By investing in an EV charger, you’re investing in both the future convenience and value of your home.

Join The EV Revolution With Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric

If you’re looking for an EV car charger for you’re home, then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Mission AC, Plumbing & Electric today! We’re determined to be the most comprehensive provider for all of your electrician needs.

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