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Need a new switch? We can help!

Shine Some Light On Houston’s Favorite Electricians

To a person in medieval times, the act of flipping a switch on a wall that resulted in instant, cold light, would be considered witchcraft. However, in our modern-day lives, electricity and light switches have become so commonplace that we rarely ever think about them.

Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric recruits some of the best electricians in the business and learns all there is to know about residential electricity systems. We’re eager to provide our customers with the high standards of service they’ve come to expect from us.

Whether you simply need to replace a light switch or want to learn about the various ways your switches can be upgraded to make your life more convenient, the team here at Mission has everything you need for your lighting needs.

close up of electrician hands installing a light switch

Light Switch Installation & Repair

For the experts here at Mission AC, wiring a light switch is simple work. However, it must be done correctly, and we take pride in being some of the most diligent electricians out there.

If you’re experiencing light service issues or simply need a standard switch installed, the team here at Mission AC is ready to price our worth as some of the best electricians in Houston. We’ll perform any electrical repairs we can to get your light switch back in working order. Or we can recommend a full replacement light switch if it’s more cost-effective. Let us help you get your light back at the easy flip of a switch!

Light Switch Options

Aside from your standard switch, there are a surprising number of light-controlling options available on the market.

Going far past the limitations of the standard on/off state, light switches can be an impressive asset to your home! Now might be the best time to consider how upgrading the light switches at home might improve your life.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow access to every level of light between fully on and off. Allowing you control over the light intensity, dimmer switches allow you to set the ambiance for your home exactly as you see fit.

Proximity Switches

Remove the need for a switch entirely with proximity lighting sensors! With proximity lighting, your lights will only turn on when they sense someone is in the room which is both convenient and adds an extra layer of security to your home.

Photoelectric Switches

For the environmentally conscious, photoelectric switches are capable of sensing the current level of natural light in the room and adjusting accordingly.

Never worry about leaving a light on again, with these light-sensitive switches. The light will only ever be on when you need it the most.

Occupancy Sensor Switches

Slightly different proximity switches, which are designed to detect anything coming into its field of view, occupancy sensor switches are capable of being more discerning and can distinguish between people and something like a fan.

Why Upgrade Your Light Switches?

While it may seem excessive to upgrade your light switches, doing so can come with several benefits that you may have failed to consider. Customers who make the switch can expect improved:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety standards
  • Home security
  • Customization options
  • Potential for smart home integration

Improving your light switches goes far past aesthetic upgrades and just might be the last step your space needs to become the personalized home of your dreams!

Switch To A Higher Standard With Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric

Regardless of the type of switch that best suits your needs, when it comes to light switch wiring, you can be confident that the team here at Mission AC, Plumbing and Electric goes through every necessary step to get the job done right.

When you need a qualified electrician company to take care of the electricity system that you rely on to enjoy life at home, don’t wait to call the pros at Mission today!

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