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Houston, TX
Electrical Services

Electrical Installation

From electrical panels to lights, rewiring and more, we install it all!

Top Houston Electricians!

Electricity powers our entire lives. From our coffee makers to our garage door openers, everything depends on our electrical systems. That’s why Mission AC & Plumbing is proud to offer the best electrical installation services in Houston. Our electricians have the expertise and dedication to help keep your home safe and ready to use.

When you need an electrical panel, lights, rewiring and more completed on your home, call on our team to schedule an appointment you won’t regret!

fuse box with custom wiring being installed

Comprehensive Services For All Of Your Electricity Needs

When you need an electrician in Houston, Texas, Mission AC & Plumbing wants to be the first and only team you think of.

We’re committed to offering our customers a comprehensive range of professional electrician services!

Custom Wiring For Every Situation

Without a well-installed foundation, your home electrical system might be doomed to failure from the moment you flip the first switch. Whether you need your new home wired up for the first time or want to make sure the new addition to your home has enough power for all of your needs, our team is ready to prove our worth as the premiere destination for electricians in Houston.

Personalized Lighting For The Home Of Your Dreams

Lighting plays a crucial role in helping establish the aesthetic of any space. The right lighting can turn a corporate workspace into a relaxing, warm, cozy environment. With options on the market that allow for a nearly limitless range of options for lighting in your home, let Mission provide you with the ideal solution to give your home a brighter future.

Panel Upgrade/Replacement

The electrical panels in our homes act as an important crossroads for all of the electrical components we use. These panels must be properly installed, up to date and fully equipped to handle all of your home’s electrical needs.

EV Car Charging Capabilities

With each passing year, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and the need for chargers has risen with them. Whether you’re looking to future-proof your home or need a convenient spot to reach full charge every night, our team will equip your home with EV capabilities as seamlessly as any other outlet in your home.

Comprehensive Surge Protection

Without proper surge protection, all electrical items connected to your home become vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of power surges. With one of our whole home surge protectors, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of your expensive electronics are protected.

Electric Tankless Water Heater Installation/Service

We all need convenient access to hot water, however, it’s not always convenient to heat water using the typical gas sources that most homes utilize. Thanks to our electric tankless water heaters, every home can enjoy the convenience of tankless water heating without the need for a gas line. It’s best to have a professional install these units since both water and electricity are involved!

Home Automation

With a few minor improvements to your home’s electrical system, the smart home of the future can become your home TODAY. Invest in total home automation through smart devices like thermostats and lighting fixtures.

Mission AC & Plumbing: Service So Good It’s Shocking

Mission AC & Plumbing is determined to become one of the best electrician companies in Houston. We’ve already proven our ability to provide superior service in two other industries and it’s now our mission to enlighten our community with a new standard of an electrician.

When you need an electrical installation performed by a professional electrician, call on our team to schedule an appointment.

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