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What Is A VRV/VRF System?

April 14, 2021 | Blog

When it comes to your HVAC system it is best to know everything you can in order to keep on top of your AC’s health. This includes knowing what kind of system you have and how it works. If you’ve ever wondered what VRV or VRF mean in reference to your AC system, you’re in luck.

Mission AC & Plumbing knows your AC system backwards and forwards, and we are happy to provide expert system installation whenever you need it. Count on the team that educates you and gives you the real answers you’re looking for.

What Does VRV and VRF Mean?

VRV and VRF are different names for the same type of HVAC technology. Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems rely on one main principle: they use refrigerant as the only form of cooling your air. They also employ the use of inverter compressors and multiple air handlers in the cooling process.

The difference between VRF and VRV systems is only in the name. The VRV system is trademarked by the company that originally registered the technology. VRF then became available in many other brands as the general form of refrigerant technology. VRF is the most commonly used term.

How Do VRF Systems Work?

A typical VRF system consists of an outdoor unit that supplies multiple air handlers through refrigerant piping. What makes the VRF system such an efficient and high quality AC option is its use of logic.

When you as the homeowner place a demand on the system by turning on the system and setting a temperature, the unit begins to evaluate its surroundings. This includes the climate and temperatures outside as well as the desired temperature inside the home. According to the data it collects, the system calculates the amount of energy it will take to overcome the outdoor temperature and provide the necessary comfort inside.

If another indoor air handler is turned on, the unit will recalculate the load and make adjustments to ensure the indoor temperature remains the same. This automatic process of control leads to more efficient use of energy and more accurate temperature provision. VRV installation in Houston could be the answer to your heating and cooling needs.

VRF System Types

There are several types of AC systems that use VRF technology for our customers’ convenience. Every home is different, and that means that each home needs its own air regulation solution.

  • Cooling Only – Although this is a less popular option, some homes may need a cooling system only. This system has fan and dry modes only.
  • Heat Pumps – The most popular system, these units can be set on heat or cool for all the air handlers at once. When you need coverage for both cold and warm months, this is a good option.
  • Heat Recovery – By far the most sophisticated of the options, heat recovery systems allow each air handler to be heating or cooling individually of each other. This means that each area can decide what type of air regulation they need separate from the others in the building.

Interested in VRF Installation in Houston?

If you’re ready for a more efficient AC system to heat and cool your home, count on an experienced HVAC team like Mission AC & Plumbing. We can advise you on the best fit for your needs and ensure you stay comfortable all year long. Contact us today!





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