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What Is The Difference Between An Electric And A Gas Water Heater?

Your household’s daily routines can only run efficiently when you have access to dependable water. From laundry and cooking to bathing and cleaning, you need hot water for many activities. But did you know you have options when it comes to your home’s water heater?

Depending on available utilities, your budget and the size of your household, you can choose the perfect water heater for your space. At Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we can install, repair and maintain your gas or electric water heater. Our team can work with you to decide on the best option for your Houston home, so reach out to us today!

Reliable Houston Water Heater Services

Your home’s water heater requires maintenance and wasn’t designed to last forever. Regular tune-ups and occasional repairs can keep your water heater running well for years. When it’s time to replace your unit, our team performs trusted water heater installation and repairs for residents in Houston, Memorial City and surrounding areas.

When it’s time to invest in a new water heater, we can perform your replacement in a safe and timely manner. If you’re not sure whether your heater needs to be repaired or replaced, reach out to Mission. Our team believes in working with transparency to give our customers the best services and products for their homes.

Electric Water Heaters

An electric water heater heats stored water via electric heating rods that run vertically inside the tank. This method heats water from the center of the tank outwards. Since the rods are electrical, this type of water heater requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit.

Many homes come equipped with traditional tanked water heaters, and the power source depends on the available utilities. If you’re interested in replacing your existing electric water heater or investing in a new installation, reach out to our team. At Mission, we’re ready to help our Houston customers year-round!

Gas Water Heaters

Tanked gas water heaters house a gas-fired burner at the bottom of the tank. This type of water heater heats the water from the base of the tank, where it rises to the top and exits out the discharge tube. To install a gas water heater, you need a cold water supply line, a gas supply line and a flue connection to divert combustion gases.

The only electricity needed to power a gas water heater is to provide an initial spark for the pilot light. This means that you can have hot water even if your home loses power. In general, a gas water heater is a more energy-efficient option than an electric water heater. For more information or to schedule water heater service, reach out to the Mission team today!

The Mission AC Difference

At Mission AC, we provide the top-quality services we’d want for our own families. Let us be your go-to home service professionals for your plumbing and air conditioning needs. For water heater installation, repairs or replacements, reach out to our team!

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