Evaporator Coil Installation in Houston's Heights

HVAC Installation in Houston, TX - Evaporator Coil replacement in Heights

This was a bit of a conundrum.  A friend of ours had an HVAC problem in their home. And by problem I mean their system was not working at all. yeesh!  Fortunately for them it is still only February and not August so temps are quite a bit lower.  Still it is hard to sleep with no cool air.  


What we found was that they had a 4 ton system on their home in the heights (77008).  The system was very low on refrigerant.  Thus, we began our search for the leak.  We found it within the evaporator coil.  Most often and in this case evaporator coil leaks are nearly impossible to 'fix'.  Often times the repair costs and risks far exceed the replacement cost.

This particular hvac system operates on R-22 refrigerant which is the "older" type (as opposed to the "new" 410-A type) which puts home owners in quite the conundrum.   Do you replace both the coil and the condenser (think indoor and outdoor items) so that you can convert over to 410A? This option costs several thousand dollars more but provides you with new equipment and a higher warranty. Additionally it is better for the environment.  Otherwise the secondary option is to ONLY replace the evaporator coil with a flowrater(which can operate 410 AND R22) and take the gamble that the condenser(outdoor box) will continue kicking along.  A catch 22.  Most cases we recommend to convert to the new refrigerant type and pay the additional cost.  However, we always want to discuss and give full disclosure for customers to make a fully informed decision.  

The decision for most home owners come down to current cost, future costs, efficiency gains and plan's for their home (ie move soon). 

HVAC Repair in Houston's Heights 77008

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