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How to Find a Waterline Leak Under Concrete

Water has the ability to wreak havoc in your home. It can travel virtually undetected through your house and across your property, wearing away your foundation, damaging your walls, washing away substrate and causing costly damage. Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing is here with dependable, long-lasting waterline leak detection and repair in Houston.

Waterline leaks are responsible for causing issues like lawn flooding, broken cement or cracks in your home’s foundation slab. Read on to learn more about identifying water leaks on your Houston property. And for thorough home services, reach out to the Mission team!

Trusted Waterline Leak Detection

Your home’s water supply line is responsible for delivering every drop of water your household uses. From your garden hose and bathtub to your dishwasher and toilets – it all comes from your main waterline. That’s why waterline leak repairs are an important service for homeowners in the Houston area.

A water main leak can cause lots of issues in and around your home, including:

  • Foundation cracks and shifting
  • Flooding on your lawn
  • Skyrocketing water bills
  • Broken and uneven driveways and walkways
  • Property erosion
  • Water damage inside your home

Water leaks can lead to costly damage to your home and property, and without professional help, finding the source of the leak is almost impossible. Reach out to the plumbing team at Mission AC for dependable waterline services.

Turn To Mission For Water Leak Repair

Our team uses the latest technology and least-invasive measures to identify, expose and repair your waterline leak. For waterline leaks under concrete, repairs may involve excavation, rerouting the line or relining the pipe. Our team will work with you to discuss your repair options so you can make the best choice for your property and budget.

If you suspect a waterline leak under concrete at your home, look out for the following signs:

  • Wet spots on cement
  • Water leaks on or around the driveway
  • Cracks or breaks in concrete
  • Spiking water bills
  • Low water pressure in your home
  • The sound of running water when none is being used

If you notice any of these signs or you suspect a water main leak at your home, don’t hesitate. Schedule your pipe repair with Mission AC today!

Dependable Waterline Repair In Houston

Waterline leaks can occur anywhere on your property from just inside the public sidewalk to underneath your house. That means that waterline leaks can appear under cement in different areas – walkways, driveways and your home’s foundation.

Slab leaks under your house can cause serious structural damage to your home if left untreated. Let our team identify the source of your water leak so your plumbing system can run like new. Protect your home and your property by investing in premier plumbing services from our team.

Reach Out To Mission AC Today

At Mission AC, we believe in working with transparency, so you can rest assured you’re getting the quality services you deserve. With professional plumbers working hard for you, your waterline will be restored in no time. To get started with your line repair service, contact our team today!

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