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Multi Port Mini Split Installer Company Houston

October 1, 2014 | Blog


Multi Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation Houston, TX

Multi Zone Mini Split Installation Houston, TX

Review of LG Multi Port Mini Split Installed in Houston

Ductless systems are on the rise.  Are the taking the US market by storm? no.  However they are projected to take up to 20% of the HVAC market in the coming 10 years.  This is big news and this increase of market share is not without warranty.  These Systems have significant benefits.

3 Benefits of Multi Port HVAC Mini Splits OVER Central Air

1. Zoning – Sure you can zone central air but this poses a number of issues.  Zoning on central air is intended for creating even temperatures throughout a space while with Multi Port Mini Splits rooms and areas can be kept at varying temperatures.  Further if an area needs to be quickly cooled or heated a mini split system can jump into “jet mode” reaching satisfactory temperatures in a fraction of the time that central air would take.

2. Efficiency – Our current measuring system for efficiency is a bit limiting because with mini splits you can shut zones off entirely thus reducing the utility usage whereas our current model measures efficiency as a whole as opposed to practical use.  Still ductless systems can reach efficiencies up to 28 SEER.  This is closer in range to geothermal systems than central air.

3. Low Repair Rates: Its true.  Mini Splits require fewer repairs than the average central air system.  Why?  This is a complex problem but one large cuplrit is ducting.  On average ducts are installed improperly adding additional stress on the central air system and thus more repairs are required.

LG 18,000 BTU white wall mounted air handler LG mini split installed in Houston TX

Flexibility of Mini Split HVAC systems


Above are two 18,0000 BTU wall mounted LG mini split air handlers.  They are attached to a 36,000 BTU condenser and still there is an additional 12,000 BTU wall mounted air handler (not pictured) attached to this system.  You might be wondering Doesn’t this add up to 48k BTU in total output?  Wouldn’t that mean that the unit is over drawn on capacity?  Yes, sort-of.  Mini split systems offer the flexibility of carrying more capacity (in the range of 25% – exact specs are different from manuf to manuf) indoor than outdoor.  Now does this mean that you can provide the full 48k BTU into the space? the short answer is no however in most cases the full load is not needed.  The moral here is that flexibility is allowed to mean the specs of the space.  For more information on that subject consult a qualified mini split professional to show you exactly how this works.

Appearance – Aesthetics

These systems are wall mounted white units.  LG above other brands carries more available aesthetic options than any other mini split manufacturer.  With LG they also feature the ArtCool Gallery and the ArtCool Mirror though typically white tends to be the most popular.  There are also indoor units that are as well hidden as central air.  These include the ducted option and ceiling cassette which are popular on a lot of businesses.

LG mini split remote mounted


Mini split systems can be controlled in several different ways.  The primary is through remote (pictured above).  Still wall mounted traditional thermostats can also be utilized for controlling them.  DISCLAIMER: When using the remotes be sure that the correct unit is responding to your command.  Often times users will accidentally not point the remote to the unit causing no response OR point the remote toward another unit causing another to adjust unintentionally.

LG mini split remote LG 3 ton mini split multi port ductless LG 3 ton mini split multi port ductless Houston TX Condenser

Outdoor Condenser on a Ductless Mini Split

The outdoor unit (condenser) on multi Port Mini splits is quite different than most traditional HVAC systems you’ve seen.  This is a 3 ton (36,000 BTU cooling) capacity unit that can operate up to 4 different indoor air handlers.  This particular one is only operating  three.  There are other models like the 54,000 BTU option where there can be up to 8 different air handlers attached.

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