Heater Usage Up Year over Year: 2013-2014

January 2014 compared to January 2013 Heating and Furnace Usage

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.34.12 PM.png

This would be a great opportunity to make a crack at Global Warming theorists but we won't go there.  At least overtly.  

This above diagram comes from Nest's monthly email update.  Its no surprise that this winter has been a bit more aggressive than last year and hence we have had much higher usage out of our furnaces especially in states across the south east.  Places like Hotlanta and Nashville have been hammered pretty hard compared to years past  The words Snowmageddon has been thrown around quite a bit.

My guess is that Nest released this information for fear of backlash by their consumers... asking, "why do i have higher energy bills despite having such an energy efficient smart learning thermostat?"

David LewisComment