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Trane XV20i Air Conditioner Review

April 5, 2014 | Blog


5 Reason to Buy the Trane XV20i for your next HVAC purchase

1. Comfort

The XV20i has what previous Trane models do not.  The XV20i features Trane’s first full scale central air inverter.  What is an inverter? Inverter technology merely switches AC power to DC which then allows for the compressor(heart of your A/C system) to operate from 25% up to 100% capacity.  Not only is this the widest operating range on the market but within that range the Trane compressor can modulate up and down in increments of 1/10th of a percent.  Yes you heard that correctly.  25.1% then 25.2% then up to 25.3% and so forth.  Extreme precision that can pinpoint and satisfy the demand load needed to keep your home temperature consistently comfortable.  Now how does this make you comfortable?  Well on a traditional single stage system you operate at 100% OR Zero.  This causes air temperature to vary 3-5 degrees at a time.  Especially on systems that are oversize you experience this wave ride of hot and cold as the system pumps on and off.  With the XV20 and other modulating systems it allows for longer run times which is actually more efficient than short bursts.  It also allows for more moisture/humidity removal from the indoor environment.  This is a big bonus allowing you to be more comfortable at higher temperatures.  This is extremely important in environments like Houston.  One more thing. Did I mention that it is more quiet than its Lennox and Carrier counterparts?  It is.

2. Efficiency

This is probably the most highlighted feature about this system and for good reason.  People are increasingly more consious about installing more efficient home products.  While this system boasts as much as a 20 SEER rating on certain matchup models it should be mentioned that our rating system is a bit flawed.  SEER rating is based on season but a temperate season.  The season of a place like Kansas City or Nashville.  Neither of which are very similar to Houston which has a far more intense and longer summer than their northern brothers.  The efficiency gain is then harder to expect and anticipate.  Nevertheless the inverter system is an amazing blend of comfort and high efficiency.

3. Durability

The Warranty on the XV20i is fairly vanilla with a 12 year parts and equipment.  More interestingly the XV20i can protect itself.  The unit has the ability to determine if the compressor should stop running to prevent damage and/or lockout.  This is the air conditioning equivalent to your car automatically stopping for you before an accident.  While the XV20i is a serious investment it also has the ability to last longer through warranty and self protection.

4. Control

Yes, now we know that the XV20i deliver precise and consistent comfort but it also can integrate with your other home systems through Nexia’s online control center.  If you’re a fan of Nest Learning Thermostat you should consider Nexia.  They take home control to another level.  The call it “home intelligence”. Nexia allows you to control everything from lights, to cameras, locks and yes your air conditioner’s temperature.

5. Available Rebates – Up to $2000

This typically depends on your municipality and current Manufacturer promotions which come and go based on the season.  This spring 2014 in Houston there are rebates offered based on size and system efficiency.  In Houston, TX our local utility Centerpoint will contribute in as much as ~$1300 in consumer rebates for systems that reach in excess of 18 SEER.  They have a limited number of dollars to dole out each year so if you have any inclination that you want a XV20 you should consider investing in one earlier in the summer.  Trane also has a spring promotion for this equipment.  They have as much as $900 in trade in allowance to consumers.

Let us know if you have any questions about the XV20i – We’d be glad to help.

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