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Five Tips For A More Energy-Efficient Home

We live in an incredible era that rests in the cross hairs of energy efficiency and technology. As we move toward the future, it is always good to remind ourselves that we can live more eco-friendly. In fact, many home decisions are becoming increasingly easier to make in an environmentally smart way. With better appliances, smarter practices and creative ideas we can really make a difference – even if we only make one change at a time.

Mission AC is always thinking about your future. Here are 5 great tips that can make your home more energy-efficient – not just for the environment, but for your wallet too!

Low-Cost Change

Saving energy doesn’t always mean breaking the bank! There are many small things you can do in your home that are relatively low in cost. Here are a few we recommend.

  • The Thermostat – While it can be easy to set the thermostat and forget about it, raising the temperature by several degrees while you’re away from home can save a lot of energy. Lowering your demand on your AC system while you aren’t home uses less energy. In fact, raising your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees can result in up to 15% reduction in energy!
  • Low-Flow Showerheads – Low-flow showerheads are specifically designed to reduce water consumption. A typical showerhead can use up to 2.5 gallons of water every minute, but a low-flow fixture could lower that rate to 1.5 gpm. Less water usage means a lower water bill. Plus, energy is required to heat water for your shower, so less water also means less energy. Installing low-flow fixtures to even only one shower is a great step to a more energy-efficient home.
  • Unnecessary Water Use – Another good habit to form is simple water usage consciousness. Remember to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving. Decide to take a shower more often than a bath – a tub can use 50 to 80 gallons of water whereas a shower might lower that to 20 gallons or less. Use cold water in your laundry instead of hot, and run full loads as opposed to half loads. All of these practices are great ways to save a lot of water over time. They also make you more conscious of the water you do use.

Higher Cost Change

When making bigger decisions in your home, energy efficiency should still be a factor. New appliances and systems that make large-scale changes to your home are perhaps the biggest sources of high energy savings. Here are a couple of our top ideas.

  • Energy Efficient Products – If you’re already planning on replacing or installing new appliances like refrigerators, washers or air conditioners, it is a good idea to research the efficiency of your unit before you purchase it. There are brands and models specifically made to perform more efficiently that could save you energy and money over many years of use. Like SEER ratings in air conditioners, most appliances advertise their special energy-efficient capabilities upfront. This change could make a real difference to your home.
  • AC Maintenance – It may seem trivial, but regular maintenance on your HVAC system can greatly improve its efficiency. Heating and cooling are two big processes that use energy in your home, so having them run as efficiently as possible is really important. A tune-up every year with a licensed professional can prevent breakdowns, increase air quality, save you money and increase the unit’s lifespan. While the responsibility of annual maintenance may seem like a chore, the investment in an energy-efficient AC is worth it.

Benefits Of Energy Efficiency

The options listed above are only a few out of many you can try. The main benefit to incorporating energy efficiency into your home is decreased use of energy and water. Simply put, the less energy and water our homes use, the more money we save, and the better the environment is. If making small changes over time can bring us more money and a healthier home while also reducing environmental impact, why wouldn’t we want to?

Make A Change Today

Mission AC is here for all your energy efficiency needs. Whether you need our expertise to answer questions you have or help you install energy-efficient appliances, we’re here for you. We’re more than a Houston air conditioning service, we’re a team invested in your future. Give us a call!

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