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Pros And Cons Of Plumbing Pipe Types

All a pipe needs to do is carry water from one area to another, so the material the pipe is made from doesn’t matter that much — right? The fact is, what material you choose for your home’s plumbing system does matter, as it affects the longevity, safety and efficiency of your entire system. So how do you know what type of pipes to choose for your whole home repiping service?

Here at Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we’re here to help Houston residents make the best-informed choices for their space. We can walk you through your options and work with you throughout the home repiping process. When you need a new pipe system for your home’s water supply, you need the team at Mission AC. Reach out to us today!

Trusted Whole-Home Repiping In Houston

The professional plumbers at Mission AC have over 60 years of combined experience in the home services industry. That’s why we can offer top-quality services and our Workmanship Guarantee. When you need a thorough whole-home repiping service, you need the professional team at Mission AC.

We’ll work hard to replace your old water supply pipes and get your system back in good working order. With service from our team, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right. Ready to schedule your whole-home repiping in Houston? Contact us today!

Types Of Plumbing Pipes And Their Benefits

Not all plumbing materials are created equally. Here are some of the common types of plumbing pipes materials and their benefits:

PVC Pipes

A lightweight material capable of handling high water pressure. The longest-lasting plumbing pipe and resistant to sediment buildup.

Copper Pipes

Corrosion-resistant material capable of handling both hot and cold temperatures. A more environmentally-friendly material capable of being recycled.

Cast Iron or Galvanized Steel Pipes

An incredibly durable material capable of handling heat and reducing the sound of running water.

PEX Pipes

An affordable plastic tubing that doesn’t produce rust. A flexible material that fits well into crawl spaces and tight spots, while still withstanding water pressure.

By and large, professional plumbers recommend PEX pipe, as it’s flexible, easy to install and long-lasting. In fact, this is what we use at Mission! For more information about your whole-home repiping, reach out to the Mission team today!

Disadvantages of Common Types of Plumbing Pipes

With the advantages come the shortcomings. Copper has one of the highest price points compared to other materials – up to 68% more costly. Galvanized steel pipes are not a suitable material for modern homes as the zinc coating wears off over time, increasing your risk of lead exposure. PVC is affordable and easy to work with but can become brittle with age. While PEX piping is sensitive to UV light, it isn’t an issue when the pipes are installed between walls and under flooring.

If installed correctly for the right purpose and routinely maintained, your repiped plumbing system should run efficiently for years. Our team has years of industry expertise and we never shy away from a job. We’re here to help Houston residents gain access to clean, reliable municipal water in their homes. For more information or any concerns about your service, reach out to our team. We’re here for you – contact us today!

Rely On Houston’s Home Heroes

When it comes to your home’s repiping, you have many options for plumbing system materials. Our team is here to walk you through the steps so you can make the right choice for your space. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to the team more Houston homeowners trust for their plumbing services. Reach out to Mission AC!

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