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Small Investments Every Homeowner Should Make

As most Houston homeowners know, owning a home can be a big job. You have a responsibility to keep your home safe and in working condition, and on top of that, you want it to be efficient. We also know homes can be expensive, so preventing the major problems is a high priority. 

Mission AC wants you to be as prepared as possible for whatever your home throws at you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of a few small investments all homeowners should have. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or new to the job, here are some tips that will help you take great care of your home.

DIY Tools

It is a really good idea for homeowners to have a few tools on hand for use. While a technician can be called to assist you, sometimes troubleshooting for yourself can easily fix the problem. That means less time wasted for you and you can save money from a service call. Some handy tools include:

  • A Basic Tool Kit – Common tools like a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drills etc. can be used regularly in many situations. Tightening bolts, testing vales, opening panels, securing screws and other general actions can be performed to fix small problems easily if you have a few basic tools.
  • A Plunger – This may seem obvious, but making sure you have a working plunger on hand can fix a toilet clog as well as drain clogs. More stubborn blockages may still require a plumber’s help, but this simple tool could solve a headache in no time.
  • A Wall Repair Kit – For large painting and repair projects, feel free to call a painting service or other contractor. However, repairing small nicks and holes in the wall is fairly easy. Having a kit of wall putty and paint rollers in preparation for small cover-up jobs can be extremely helpful.

Sealing The Home

One of the biggest causes of energy loss is the home not being properly sealed against common nuisances. Making sure your home is sealed properly will also allow you to get an accurate read on your air regulation without the added energy loss.

  • Windows & Doors – Properly sealing your windows and doors can help keep the air inside your home. After your HVAC system works to dehumidify and cool/heat the air, you don’t want that air to leak out of your home and waste all that energy. Weatherstripping is an inexpensive way of sealing doors from escaping air and other outdoor contaminants like bugs and dirt. Using window caulk to seal the creases of your windows is also a great idea. 
  • Weep Holes – If your home has brick siding, it is possible you have to weep holes built-in. Weep holes are simply small gaps between the brick on the lower area of the outside of your home. They are a drainage system for the water that runs behind the brick. Never fill these holes with solid material, they are integral to your home. However, they can allow insects, mice, and other pests to invade your home. The solution is to fill the holes with a material like steel wool or mesh that will allow air and water to escape, but not allow pests to enter.


For those who are buying a home, a whole house inspection was probably done on the home you’re interested in. Before putting down an offer, it’s a good idea to have separate plumbing and electrical inspections done to give those licensed inspectors a chance to find any issues in their respective fields. These technical inspections could reveal problems the general one missed, or even allow you to negotiate the price based on the results of the inspection.

HVAC Maintenance

Taking good care of your HVAC system is one of the most important things you can do for your home. Your air quality, comfort, energy consumption and repair costs all depend on your ability as a homeowner to make sure your unit runs well. The good news is that it’s easy to keep them maintained if you follow two simple steps.

  • Replace Your Filter – Do the research on what kind of filters your AC unit uses and know how often you should be cleaning or changing them. Don’t let your AC and your lungs get clogged with dust and air debris. Just set a schedule to remind you to change out your filters and enjoy the clean air.
  • Schedule An Annual Tune-up – While changing your filters is great, letting a professional do a diagnostic check and tune-up every year has even more benefits. A licensed professional can prevent future breakdowns and fine-tune your system for maximum efficiency. High efficiency means lower utility bills, longer AC lifespan, and greater comfort for you. Get that seasonal AC tune-up on the calendar!

Have More Questions About Your Home?

If you have more questions about your AC maintenance, appliances, home, or best practices as homeowners, feel free to give Mission AC a call. We have great solutions to your problems and will always be ready to show up and help you with professional-grade issues you just can’t do on your own. Give us a call today!

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