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6 Warnings That You Have A Leak

Did you know that leaking water in your home can travel hundreds of feet before being detected? That means a simple dripping pipe can cause severe damage in your home for days or weeks before you’re even aware it exists. The best way to shield your home against water leaks is effective leak detection. 

Luckily Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing can provide the best Houston leak repair services to get your home back in order. On top of that, we want to share with you the top signs that you may have an undetected water leak in your home!

1. Age

By far, the number one warning you should pay attention to is the age of your plumbing system. While this isn’t a physical sign you can see in your home, it’s the biggest indicator of vulnerability to leaks. The older your home gets, the more likely your pipes are to have experienced erosion over time or damage. When your pipes hit 20 years old, you should keep an extra close eye on the following signs of water leaks. 

2. Ceiling & Wall Damage

Since gravity affects water — even in small dripping amounts — your ceilings may start to show symptoms of collected water. If you notice water puddle shapes on your ceilings it could indicate that puddle is sitting up in your attic. Also, any sagging areas of your ceiling could be compromised due to the weight of water sitting on the sheetrock over time. Unfortunately, damage to your ceiling usually indicates the water leak has been occurring for some time, so it’s important to get professional help right away.

Similarly, your walls may take the brunt of a water leak if the source is in the wall or has traveled into your walls. Look for paint blistering or peeling away from the wall. Walls are usually framed by wood, so you’ll likely be replacing your wall for safety measures.

3. Floor Damage

On the converse side of ceilings and walls, your flooring may show signs of a water leak if the source is located under the floor or even in the slab. If you notice warped flooring, damp carpeting or soft areas of hard flooring, you likely have a water leak. If you notice these symptoms on the first floor, you potentially have a leak in your slab! This is also a great place for unwelcome fungi or bacteria to grow and cause problems!

4. Mold & Mildew

Speaking of unwelcome bacteria, the presence of mold or mildew in your home is a really good indicator that there is water somewhere there shouldn’t be. Even the smallest amount of mold spores can grow over time and spread throughout your home — the formation of black mold is the most dangerous to your health. You may experience respiratory irritation, poor indoor air quality and long-term exposure to mold can cause severe illness. 

5. Noises & Pressure

Any kind of odd sound that you hear from your plumbing can be a possible problem. Sounds happen when the system is not flowing properly, and a leak can contribute to this malfunction. Loose fittings, sediment build-up and corrosion are all common causes of residential water leaks. You’ll need plumbing repair services to make sure your system is safe and reliable to use. 

6. Reduced Efficiency

One of the more difficult symptoms of a water leak is a reduction in efficiency. The primary way you can notice this indicator is through your monthly bill. While it can be difficult to gauge whether your water usage was simply higher than usual or if a leak is to blame, it can help to keep your eye out. A steady rise in your water bill with no correlating water usage could eventually lead you to identify the presence of a leak in your home. 

Your Leak Repair Team Is Standing By

At Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we take your plumbing repairs seriously. We know firsthand just how destructive a small drip can become, and we want to spare you as much inconvenience as possible. That’s why we recommend vigilance when it comes to sneaky water leaks. If you suspect you have a water leak, contact our team to schedule plumbing repair services today!

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