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Who Should I Hire for Gas Line Installation

When it comes to natural gas installation, many companies offer the service. But who is the best person for the job? Let’s discuss why you should choose plumbers, like Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing, over HVAC contractors for your gas line repair or installation.

Legal Installation

In most areas, it is required by law that your gas line be installed by a licensed plumber. Many HVAC companies have licensed plumbers on their team to comply with these laws, but going directly to a plumber ensures that the entire installation process is done legally by licensed hands.


Not only are licensed plumbers legally able to install a gas line, but they are also trained to do so safely. High exposure to natural gas is dangerous to your health, and the gas itself is explosive in large quantities, so safety is crucial during the installation process. To keep your home and family safe from improperly installed gas lines during and after installation, choosing a licensed, experienced plumber is best.

Piping Experience

It’s safe to say the plumbers know pipes better than most people. Plumbers know everything about different types of piping, from materials to installation methods. Natural gas can be hazardous to your safety and health, so it’s important that the pipes are installed correctly, especially if there’s existing piping that might be damaged. Choosing a licensed plumber is the only way to ensure that your contractor has the required experience for the job.

Plumbers Understand Appliances

HVAC professionals are experts when it comes to HVAC systems, but plumbers work with many appliances, both gas and electric-powered. This allows homeowners to have their gas line installed and their appliances hooked up all at the same time. By having your plumber do both jobs, they will be able to help you with specific requirements and make the process easier.

Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing only hires licensed plumbers with the proper skills for our clients’ needs. Our plumbers also receive frequent training to stay current with regulations and new technology, so your plumbing services are done by the best person for the job, whether you need gas line repair or installation.

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