Water Leak Specialists Houston, TX

Water Leak Detection

Not all water leaks are visible or easily found.  Signs  that you might have a water leak in your home include low water pressure, high water bills, galvanized piping, altered or uneven or changing foundation, rusted water heaters, roots which have infiltrated into the plumbing system underground or under the slab.  Water leaks can be tested and found through various methods including hydrostatic testing. 


Our plumbers are available for testing, investigating, and ultimately fixing various water leak types within homes or commercial properties. 

Main Water Shutoff

Detecting Water Pipe Leaks


Water leaks are typically emergency service scenarios.  First, turn off the water to your home or business.  Then give us a ring to schedule a plumber to come investigate and fix the leak.

DIY PlumBing fixes

    Toilet Shut-off Valve

    Fixing a Leak from
    the Shut-off Valve

    Toilet Tank Leak

    Fixing Leak Where
    Tank & Bowl Connect

    Toilet Refill Tube

    Fixing a Spraying
    Refill Tube

    Toilet Handle Leak

    Fixing a Leak from the
    Toilet Handle

    Toilet Flush Valve

    Fixing a Leak Around
    the Flush Valve

    Toilet Fill Valve

    Fixing a Spraying
    Fill Valve

    Ball Faucet

    Ball Faucet Replacement Kit
    and Parts List

    Compression Faucet

    Compression Faucet Disassembly
    and Parts Replacement

    Ceramic Disk Faucet

    Ceramic Disk Faucet
    Disassembly and Replacement

    Cartridge Faucet

    Disassembly and Parts