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The Best Time For A Heater Tune-Up

Being a homeowner means keeping track of a lot of different systems at once. By the time winter rolls around, your heater tune-up has fallen off your to-do list so many times that it’s probably just better to wait until next year, right? You’re busy during the holidays and it’s doubtful a maintenance visit makes a big difference.

Wrong! Mission AC wants your heater health in peak condition for those upcoming cold fronts. That’s why we want to share the best times of year to get a heater tune-up and how our team can make your yearly maintenance easier than ever!

What’s In A Heater Tune-Up?

The best way to understand the timing of a heater tune-up is learning what a tune-up actually includes. Maintenance is much more than a simple thumbs-up from an HVAC professional. Our team diligently inspects and tests every component in your system, ensuring that there are no surprises when you need it to work the most. From our checklist of functions to adjusting comfort settings and listening to your concerns, we aim to cover every concern before we leave your home.

Effective HVAC Maintenance 

When you do have a seasonal heater tune-up completed on your heating system, you want it to be impactful. Just like when you clean up your car or have it inspected — if you do it halfway, you won’t get the full effect of the maintenance. The most effective time to have your system maintained is before you use it the most.

For example, your heater doesn’t get much action in the summer, but wintertime is a different story. This means that the fall season is the best time to have a professional tune and evaluate your system. This way it will be ready to face that first icy blast of air from a cold front!

It’s important to note that any heater tune-up is better than none at all. If you schedule your furnace tune-up in the dead of summer or even the middle of winter, it’s still better for the system than pushing it off another year. Our team is always ready to complete our thorough and detailed tune-ups to make sure your system is performing efficiently.

Heater Maintenance Made Easy

Even if you have the intention of making your heater tune-up appointment, it can be difficult to fit it into your schedule or even remember to make that call. Mission AC wants to make this process easy and hassle-free for you. That’s why we offer our Maintenance Club Plan! When you sign up for our maintenance program, you receive a number of perks in the package, including:

  • 2 seasonal HVAC tune-ups
  • Priority service
  • 10% repair discount
  • 5% equipment discount

In addition to exclusive service discounts, your heater tune-up will already be on our radar every single year. We’ll help make sure it gets done by working around your schedule and sending you helpful reminders!

It’s Time For A Tune-Up!

Any time of the year is time for your tune-up! Don’t let this appointment fall off your list when Mission AC is just a call away. Let us give your system the go-ahead for maximum efficiency this year with a premium tune-up from friendly professionals.

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