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Main Benefits Of A Heater Tune-Up

Is heater maintenance really necessary? Your system has always worked pretty well, and you haven’t had any problems recently. It should be fine this winter too, right?

Here at Mission AC, we don’t take chances with your comfort, and you shouldn’t either. Heater tune-ups are more important than you think – especially to the overall health of your system over time. Let us explain what we’ve seen in the Houston area after we complete furnace maintenance. You might be surprised by the benefits our customers are experiencing throughout the winter season. 

Accurate Comfort

We know that Houston winters don’t usually bring endless days of freezing weather, but that doesn’t mean your heater is going to stay off. Those chilly mornings and nights paired with the occasional cold front are enough to make your home uncomfortable. You don’t want to be caught with a malfunctioning heater in the middle of a freeze. Furnace tune-ups have been proven to increase the accuracy of your system, meaning you will be able to set your thermostat and trust it will warm your home the way you want it to.

Better Efficiency

If there’s one thing we understand in Houston, it’s the struggle to keep manageable energy bills when we have to crank our ACs all summer long. You might not feel like you have to run your heater as much in the winter, but you don’t want every degree to mean a skyrocket in your monthly bill. With a heater tune-up under your belt, you have a much better chance of running an efficient system. Your heater could use less energy to warm your home, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and cost! Better heater efficiency has no downsides!

Fewer Furnace Repairs

You may be counting on your heater to turn on and start warming whenever you feel a chill, but what happens when it doesn’t turn on? Heater repairs can feel like a nightmare, but you can avoid that hassle with a simple maintenance appointment. Our team is trained to identify looming heater repairs and worn-out parts ahead of time. That’s why it’s called preventative heater maintenance. We can prevent more breakdowns and malfunctions, saving you both money and stress this winter!

Longer Lifespan

Whether or not you purchased your HVAC unit, you probably want to delay a heater replacement as long as you can. The best way to do this is to take good care of the one you already have! Furnaces that have received regular maintenance throughout their lifetime are far more likely to last the full expected lifespan of 15+ years than units that are never cared for. 

Higher Indoor Air Quality

A big part of your heater maintenance is changing your air filters. While many homeowners complete this step every few months, a professional will still take the time to check your filters as part of their evaluation. Your indoor air quality is important for your own health, but it can also easily affect the performance of your heating system. After a heater tune-up, you’ll feel confident that your air is clean entering your lungs and your HVAC system.

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