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5 Telltale Signs That Your Heater Is Failing (From Heater Replacement Experts!)

We invest a lot of time and energy into keeping our homes running properly. The chances are pretty good that you’ve had to make a heater repair over the years — if you haven’t, you will! That’s what makes it so difficult to recognize when our heating systems are past the point of repair.

Mission AC & Plumbing is your local heater replacement company. This means we have seen every kind of broken-down furnace under the sun. We want your Houston furnace installation to be planned out and stress-free, so keep an eye out for these signs that your heater is failing!

How Old Is Your Heater?

The first thing you need to do is find out how old your heater is! We understand that many homeowners inherited their heaters when they purchased their homes, but you need an estimated age at the very least. Age is the number one cause of heater failure, and it’s important to know when your heater is nearing the end of its life. 

An average heater lifespan is only 10-15 years. With good maintenance and care, the system might last into the upper range of that estimate, but that doesn’t mean the signs of deterioration won’t start happening! When your heater reaches 10 years old, start budgeting out for a replacement within the next few years!

Does Your Heater Need Repairs Often?

Over time, your heater doesn’t just keep running and running flawlessly. It’s extremely common for aging heaters to start needing more frequent repairs. While these repairs may keep the unit running for another few months, it’s very likely you’ll have to pay for more repairs before the year is over. In fact, you may need to decide if continued repairs on a failing unit are more cost-effective than simply investing in a new system that can perform.

Is Your Energy Bill Rising?

One thing most homeowners don’t know is that heater efficiency — specifically gas heaters — starts to decline as soon as one year after it’s purchased. This means that your heater’s efficiency doesn’t get better once it starts aging. You might notice a steady increase in your energy consumption as the heater ages, or you might even get sudden energy spikes as the heater nears total system failure. Keep an eye on your energy bill every month to try and avoid an unexpected breakdown!

Does Your Heater Keep The Home Comfortable?

Another clear sign that your heater needs help is discomfort in your home. Maybe you have to adjust the thermostat frequently, or maybe your heater just isn’t delivering the warm air you need. Any kind of inconvenience or discomfort like this is not normal. Your heater should be responsive and powerful when it needs to be. Don’t suffer through disappointing heater performance when the solution is right in front of you!

Do You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

If your heater is slowing down, then your air quality can take a hit too. Less efficient warming also means less efficient filtering. If you notice more dust in the home, more allergies inside or even respiratory irritation, it could be due to your heater. A professional will be able to pinpoint the source of your IAQ problems. 

It’s Time For Heater Replacement

Whether you’re preparing for a heater replacement in a few years or you need a new heater immediately, a trustworthy team is paramount. Mission AC & Plumbing is the team to professionally and skillfully install your heater. If you need your heater assessed or are ready to replace it, give us a call!

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