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Furnace Repair Noises You Should Never Ignore

Your home’s heating system has many components and moving parts, not to mention ductwork that runs throughout your house. With so much going on with your heater, it can feel impossible to pinpoint when something goes wrong with your system. A tell-tale sign that you might need a professional inspection or repair is the noise coming from your heater.

Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing is Houston’s premier home services company. We’re here to help our customers better understand signs of heater wear and damage so they can stay safe and comfortable year-round. Read on to learn about common furnace noises you should never ignore.

Year-round Comfort Is Our Mission

Despite our name, Mission AC is about more than repairing, maintaining and replacing air conditioners. In fact, we’ve been servicing Houston’s heaters since 2013! From your home’s first heater installation to its last tune-up service, our team is here for you.

Texas winters can be dreary, wet and reach freezing temperatures. Stay warm and safe indoors with trusted, long-lasting heater repairs from our team. If your heater isn’t running as it should or you suspect damage, reach out to Mission AC to schedule your service.

Reasons Your Furnace Is Making Noise

Your home’s furnace has many components and moving parts. While it’s normal to hear some noises when the system is running, certain sounds are signs of damage and an impending breakdown. Here are some of the issues that could be causing your furnace to make noise:

  • The blower wheel is broken or out of balance – can cause a metal-on-metal squealing noise or a thumping noise
  • Dirty burners – create a loud boom or bang as built-up gas ignites
  • Damaged or poorly-connected ductwork – escaping air can sound like a high-pitched whistle
  • The heat exchanger is cracked – repeated heating and cooling can cause the metal to crack, resulting in noise
  • Worn-out transformer – makes a very loud humming sound

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does illustrate how much can go wrong with a furnace. If you hear any of the above noises or suspect your heater might be damaged, reach out to the Mission AC team right away!

Repairs vs. Replacements

Even the greatest heater repairs can’t return an outdated furnance to like-new condition. It’s best to replace a heater that’s functioned past its recommended lifespan than to continue investing in frequent repairs. If your furnace is 15 years or older, pay close attention to how it runs and call our team when you first suspect heater damage.

Our team never recommends products or services that aren’t in our customers’ best interest. You can depend on our technicians to thoroughly inspect your heating system and help you decide the best course of action for your home. For long-lasting repairs and dependable replacements, you can rely on Mission AC.

Dependable Houston Furnace Repair Services

While a breakdown is an obvious need for repair, it isn’t the only reason you may need our team to help you with your home’s heater. Strange or loud noises are often a sign of damage, so listen out for odd sounds while your heater runs. Our team is ready to help inspect and repair your furnace, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Mission AC.

We service all makes and models of home heaters, so whether your home utilizes gas or electricity to heat your space, our team can handle it. We’ll work safely and quickly to repair your furnace to like-new condition so your household can stay warm all winter long. Remember, if you need heater repair, you need Mission AC. Contact us today!

Call The Pros At Mission

This winter, stay comfortable and cozy with services from Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing. Our team can repair your heater to eliminate strange noises and restore your heater’s efficiency. When you think of your Houston heater, think of Mission AC. Contact us today!


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