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6 Heater Repairs You Might Face This Winter

When the gray, cold weather of a Texas winter settles in, you might notice your heater isn’t running normally. Unless you’re a professional HVAC technician, it can be impossible to know all the signs of heater damage. Prepare your home ahead of time by understanding the source of common heater repairs.

The team at Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here to help Houston residents stay warm all winter long with trusted home services. We repair, replace and maintain all makes and models of heaters to give you the best comprehensive services in South Texas. When you need fast, reliable heater repairs, reach out to the Mission AC team today!

Stay Cozy With Mission Services

Here at Mission AC, we go above and beyond servicing air conditioners. We’re Houston’s go-to cooling and heating company, providing repairs and replacements for residential HVAC systems. We understand the ins and outs of home ACs and heaters, and we’re dedicated to our customers.

Our team of technicians is backed by years of industry experience and we have the expertise to get your system up and running in no time. No Houston resident deserves to be left out in the cold this winter – set yourself up for a cozy season by scheduling your tune-up or heater repair before the temperatures drop.

Common Houston Heater Repairs

It’s easy to understand you need heater repair when the unit doesn’t run at all, but what about other signs of heater damage? Here’s a list of common heater issues many Houston homeowners experience:

1. Strange Or Loud Noises

Screeching, thumping or booming noises are not the sounds of a normally functioning heater. Often, these noises are a sign of broken components or dirty elements that require repair or replacement.

2. Dust Build-up

An increase in dusty home surfaces is a tell-tale sign that your furnace is recirculating air through a clogged or dirty filter. Without routine maintenance, your heater can succumb to damage from overheating.

3. Temperamental Thermostat

Your thermostat is the hub of your central air system – if it’s not running correctly your home’s temperature will never feel comfortable. Loose wiring, damaged connections and other issues can keep your thermostat from functioning.

4. Condensate Line Leak

Water puddling around any home appliance is generally a sign to take action. If your heater is leaking water, that’s usually a sign that your condensate line is clogged and needs to be cleared.

5. Low Airflow

If your vents aren’t delivering warm air throughout your home, you might have damaged or worn-out air ducts. Holes, tears and kinks can result in wasted energy, air leaks and increased energy bills.

6. Gas Line

A gas line leak is one of the most dangerous types of damage, posing a life-threatening danger to you and your household. Never try to repair a gas line yourself. If you suspect a leak in your home, evacuate immediately and call your gas company or 911 once you’re safely outside.

Prepare your furnace for winter this year by scheduling heater maintenance or repairs with Mission AC. Take advantage of our professional services and see for yourself why we’re Houston’s home heroes!

Professional Heater Repair In Houston

The professional team at Mission AC works hard for our customers. We never cut corners, our process is transparent and we won’t overcharge more than you’re quoted. For top-quality heater repairs, maintenance and replacements, put your trust in the Mission team.

Reach Out To The Mission Team

South Texas winters can drag on with cold and dreary days – but your home doesn’t have to feel the chill. Maintain your cozy space with efficient heater tune-ups and repairs from our team. To set yourself up this coming winter season, reach out to schedule your service today!

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