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Mission Air Conditioning installs and repairs ductless mini split a/c systems in Houston, TX.  Mission Air Conditioning is local and family owned.  Installation and Repair services can be performed on all major brands of ductless mini splits including:

FujitsuMitsubishi, Fujiaire, LG, Trane, Daikin, Quietside, Friedrich,  etc

3 Reasons to install a ductless mini split on your home.

1. Efficiency - Ductless Mini Split systems come in cooling efficiencies exceeding 25 SEER but without the same expense. 

2. Size - Mini Split systems come in many styles all with the ability to cool locations without the large equipment.  This can be ideal on apartments and older homes where traditional central air is impractical.

3. Location - No need to heat or cool the entire house with a central HVAC system when you only need specific areas comfort controlled.

5 Perfect Locations for a Ductless Mini Split - garage gym, backhouse, home addition, Sun Room

1. Garage - like to tinker in your garage or have a home gym?  Don't let the heat keep you from doing what you love.  Having a mini split air conditioner can keep you working longer both in the summer and the winter.  Garage gyms are on the rise - we've seen more crop up in recent years with the upswing in crossfit.

2. Backhouse - Over the garage or an independent structure or back office.  The minisplit cools room air more quickly than central air.  As well mini-splits require less repairs during their lifetime than traditional HVAC systems. Lower operating cost, lower installation cost and lower repair bills.  Sounds pretty good right?

3. Additions - Building an addition but don't want to spend the big bucks on central air?  Minisplits are cheaper to install and are more energy efficient than most central air conditioning systems.  Additionally you can spot cool rooms and keep the unit off when your not using the space.

4. Sun Rooms - Sun Rooms can be a tremendous fit for ductless minisplit air conditioners.  The reason being is that they carry a much larger heat load than most rooms.  This is due to the increase in glass windows.  To make your sun room far more enjoyable (and comfortable) without spending boat loads on central air.  Minisplits are an extremely effective and efficient solution.

5. Spot Cooling - Some areas of the house not as cool (or hot) as others?  This can be remedied by applying a high efficiency minisplit.  Sometimes Central air cannot cool each room of the whole house without spending serious cash on zoning.  Zoning can be very expensive and is often times much more delicate than applying spot cooling or heating with a mini split.  


Many customers are very hesitant to install mini split systems in their home because they believe that wall mounted mini splits are ugly.  Can't argue with you too much and air conditioning manufacturers have heard you and have responded.  Companies like Fujitsu have introduced several more aesthetic options for you.

slim duct fujistu

SLIM DUCT - this utilizes a return and supply similar to central air so this does require concealing behind the ceiling or walls.  BUT this is the benefit.  IT looks like central air but is much smaller and is highly efficient.

lg art cool

ART COOL - Probably the only true downside of traditional minisplits is the look.  LG is the only manufacturer taking a realistic stab at reducing this stigma by allowing the indoor unit to blend in better to the surroundings.  The LG Art Cool Gallery contains all of the HVAC equipment in a Large Picture frame.  Yes this frame is much thicker than a normal air conditioner but it looks much much better looking than the traditional wall mount.

LG ArtCool Mirror (right) - The LG ArtCool Mirror is not a True mirror but has a reflective finish that will help blend in and absorb the surroundings like the high end appliance that it is.  It is an appealing alternative that is nearly the same price as the traditional 20.5 SEER White Mini Split.  It too is highly efficient averaging 20 SEER.

CASSETTE (below) - These typically set into the ceiling.  


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Casette MiniSplit

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Mission Air Conditioning 4.9 out of 5, based 31 user reviews.