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CenterPoint Rebate 2015 - SAVE $8,266- Get the Scoop!!

February 16, 2015 | Blog


Centerpoint Rebates available 2015 for HVAC systems

In 2015 The centerpoint rebate available for air conditioning and heating system should make your head turn.  Some of the program is purely vanilla compared years past and yet other areas were bumped up significantly.  Topping out in over $8,000 of rebates.  Keep reading to get more informaion on how to save up to $8,266 on the installation of a new HVAC system.


It can save you $172-$8,266 in 2015.  To qualify you must meet a few variables.  These are contingent on equipment size, efficiency and type.  Additionally contractors must perform and show proof of Manual J heat load calculations etc. See the incentive chart below.


Trane Centerpoint Rebates Available on HVAC 2015

HOW DO I SAVE $8,266?

  1. You must currently have a 5 Ton (size) electric heating system that is NOT a heat pump
  2. You must have a contractor perform a Manual J Heat Load Calculation
  3. Have the contractor then install a new 21+ SEER Heat Pump HVAC system
  4. Fill out all proper paperwork – acknowledgement forms etc.

WARNING #1: Its up to the Contractor on How much you get!!

Contractors are responsible for 50% of the rebate amount and Counterpoint the other 50%.  So you better believe that many contractors will NOT be giving the full $8,266 because otherwise they would lose $4,133 in PROFIT!!!! Some contractors may do this but be very wary of their total ticket.  Some may up their retail price to prevent the loss.  Additionally, Centerpoint has the authority to audit work.  I’m sure they will target companies and jobs that have the biggest rebates first.


These funds are LIMITED.  Installations MUST be performed between Feb 6th & Oct 31 2015. STILL funds typically RUN OUT well before the date cut off. So if you have the incling that you’re HVAC system needs to be replaced this year or next you should think seriously about acting sooner than later.


Its curious right?  A localized monopoly is just giving thousands of dollars away?  Great question.  While I cannot answer the questions with great authority I sure can speculate why they would do this.  I believe they have enacted this program and others to1) Give the public warm fuzzies (marketing) 2) Even out electrical load demands in order to prevent rolling blackouts in summer or winter 3) Gather data on HVAC systems knowing home performance and tracking for future programs etc.  Probably more 2 and 3.


For more program details and qualification questions give us a ring 713-520-2012 OR CONTACT US ONLINE

Additional information/Equipment Requirements

  • Split System or Self-Contained Package-Unit
  • Central A/C or Heat Pump Systems 1.5 to 5 Tons
  • Split system must include both a matched Condensing Unit and Evaporator Coil (including 3rd party coils) w/ overall efficiency rating.
  • Some models may also require a Variable Speed blower.
  • Rebates will not be issued for Condensing Unit or Coils installed separately or for Window or Room AirConditioner units.
  • Installed in a Residential Replacement/Retrofit Application within CenterPoint’s service territory.
  • Minimum of 16 SEER/12 EER and 8.6 HSPF (heat pumps) – equipment must be listed in AHRI.
  • Rebate will not be issued for equipment being used to claim incentives under another utility program.


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