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7 Ways To Prepare Your Houston Home For Loss Of Power [Blackout Preparation Part 2]

July 30, 2021 | Blog

Whether you are worried about seasonal severe weather or controlled blackouts on the Texas power grid, you might be looking for ways to prepare for a loss of power. When in full operation, your home is a safe oasis for you and your family, but it can easily turn into a dangerous and miserable place without power. 

Luckily, Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing knows just how to prepare your home so that you can feel safe and weather a loss of electricity. With a few simple steps, you can feel confident in your home’s ability to face a blackout.

Home Preparations For A Power Outage

Limit Sunlight Exposure

Your biggest enemy during a blackout is sunlight. Solar rays produce a large amount of heat, and your windows welcome that heat right into your home. If you have not already invested in window coverings like curtains, blinds, tint or screens, it’s a good idea to do so. Even hanging sheets in front of your windows can block some light from entering your home and warming it faster than it should.

Ventilate Properly

The most important rule about heat is that it rises. This means your attic will accumulate a lot of heat — especially without an AC to circulate the air around. You don’t want that heat to sit in your attic for hours or else it could start to warm the air in your home. Make sure there are plenty of fans and ventilation openings installed in your attic to promote good airflow. 

Double Check Home Seals

You want the cool air that is in your home when the power fails to stay in as long as possible. If your windows and doors have poor sealing, that air will escape and cause uncomfortable temperatures to take over. It’s a good idea to use store-bought caulk to seal your window creases and make sure your doors are lined by weather stripping. 

Build A DIY AC

Some handier homeowners may be interested in building a battery powered, portable air conditioner. Originally designed as swamp coolers that blew air over ice, DIY ACs are now run by things like car batteries. Though this will not cool your entire home, you could see a real temperature decrease in one enclosed room.

A Well Stocked Home Is A Comfortable Home

Besides physically preparing your home to operate without power, you’ll need to have some items stocked up to ensure you can survive your blackout with health and comfort.


We can’t stress enough how important water is during a blackout. Don’t underestimate how quickly dehydration can occur, and during severe weather you may not have regular access to medical care! Store ample drinking water in your garage or home for consuming, washing and keeping your body cool.

First Aid Kit

You may need something as simple as a bandage or pain reliever during a power outage. However, you want to be prepared in case of an emergency that can’t be attended by professionals. Stock your first aid supplies well, and you’ll never have to worry about unexpected injuries.


While most people stock up on candles for power outages, the best source of light is flashlights. Flashlights come in many sizes and produce very little heat and no smoke. Keeping a good supply of batteries to power your light is also important.

Will Your AC Weather The Blackout?

When the power is finally restored, your AC may need attention! Keep an eye on efficiency and effectiveness so that you can determine if your AC needs to be repaired or adjusted after a loss of electricity. Our dependable team at Mission Air Conditioning & Plumbing has years of experience diagnosing and repairing ACs that were affected by storms. Contact us for all your AC repair needs today!


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