Electrostatic Air Filters - BoAir Filter vs AireCare

Electrostatic Filter Comparison

Blast from the past.  Here is an awesome old school video containing information you should considering when reviewing your Home's HVAC system.  Having and changing your home's HVAC system filter up to date is one of the MOST important things you can do as a home owner.  It not only reduces the amount of dust and particles in your home but ALSO allows your HVAC system to remain clean and prevents the HVAC system from overworking.

Air Care VS BoAir?

Air Care and BoAir have similar standards although BoAir is a 5 stage filter that does not use polyester AND should be a bit easier to clean.  

Why Buy Electrostatic Filters INSTEAD OF traditional filters?

The beauty of these products is that they reduce airborne particles more than your cheapo HomeDepot style filter AND can be clean so that they last MUCH LONGER.  In the end saving you effort and money.

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