5 Steps to repair your Air Conditioning: Do it yourself fix

Before you call an Air Conditioning Technician try these 5 steps to repair it yourself.  What to do First when your Air Conditioner breaks OR stops working?

1. Check all breakers and fuses. (determine whether the unit has power)

breaker panel

2. Check for clogged or dirty filters.

dirty and clean filter hvac

3. Check outside unit to see if airflow is blocked or limited.

4. Check Thermostat for correct setting and full batteries - if not, switch to cool and/or replace batteries.

5. Check switch on side or near furnace to see if "on".

If none of these options work for you then use the following steps.  

1. Take a deep breath, remember, everything is going to be OK.  If you are very uncomfortable consider going to a relative or friends house or perhaps the mall to cool down.

1. Determine the symptoms - (ie. not blowing any air, blowing hot, intermitten running, some rooms hotter than others, etc. )  

2. Call a local licensed Air Conditioning repair company and schedule an appointment.

When looking for a contractor it is always helpful to ask friends or relatives for a references and/or look for online reviews and feedback.  They can be very helpful when locating a reputable company.

David LewisComment