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3 Reasons people hate their HVAC repair technician

December 17, 2013 | Blog


3 Reasons why people hate their Air Conditioning and Furnace repair company technician.  Broken HVAC system?


1. I’m uncomfortable: The piece of equipment which ONLY has one purpose in life…. to keep me and my house comfortable is broken.  Discomfort can make people lose their minds.  Sweat starts pooling, kids start crying, you can’t sleep, time seems to pass like molasses.  You get the picture.  In that scenario now? Don’t do anything crazy, just take a deep breath.  Head to the mall OR a family member’s(that you like) house.

2. This wasn’t in my plan: Who thinks about how their air conditioner or furnace AT any other time OTHER than when it breaks? OK, so maybe when you change your filters, but then you are probably overcome by a little guilt because you know you should have probably changed them a month or two earlier.  Unfortunately, these things happen. Mechanical equipment breaks.  Air conditioners are not invincible machines.  They are complex and contain many components.  On average an HVAC system will last 10-15 years before replacement.  During that time there is a high likelihood that a repair(s) will be needed.  This is only so comforting I know.  Especially, when the Air Conditioners break and you are left to deal with the consequences despite the fact that this disrupts your life.

2. What’s the damage?: Now for the big one.  What will it cost?  There is a great cloud of mystery on this one.  How much will this repair cost me?  Will I need to replace the whole system?  Can I trust the technician to do what is ‘right’?  This is where the relationship between the repair company and the client can be solidified or destroyed.  Many customers call us and ask for the price ahead of time.  Most of the time this is a total impossibility.  To properly diagnose and determine the source and cause of an issue takes a few steps that cannot be done over the phone.  This mystery gives a lot of power to the individual technician.  Especially when the homeowner only knows so much about the scenario and operation.  If you are in a situation like this as a homeowner.  Always ask a lot of questions.  Get the technician to show you what he is talking about.  If you feel the slightest bit uneasy about the diagnosis then call for a second opinion.


To Technicians: I know you can tell when the homeowner is grouchy sometimes but know why.  Uncomfortable, disrupted, and not pumped about the bill.  Here you as the HVAC professional have a great opportunity to be the savior when the system comes back online.  Many technicians get hooked on the high of being able to fix just about anything.  This is great to an extent but should not distract you from your ultimate role of serving the customer.  As much focus and energy should be placed on hearing the customer’s wants and needs and helping them in any additional ways NOT just fixing the system than handing them a bill having no discussion about their needs/wants.

To Homeowners: This is not a fun scenario.  Doing a little preventative maintenance can help avoid some system breakdowns and these nightmare days.  Change your filters regularly or get a long-term filter.  If you need a repair, do your homework, check reviews and Hire a legitimate contractor(watch video).  When in doubt get a second or third opinion.  Patience could save you a lot of headaches.

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