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How To Improve The Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home

Once you’re aware of the contaminants that can be in your home’s air your first instinct may be to figure out how to make it cleaner. We all want our home to be a healthy and relaxing place, not a source of stress. Fortunately, Mission AC has some great solutions to get your air healthier in no time.

3 Air Quality Strategies

There are three main ways you can control or limit air pollution in your home. Adjusting these processes in your home can change your air quality fairly quickly.

Control The Sources

The sources of air pollution – mentioned in the IAQ basics – can be altered or controlled inside your home. If you can change these habits then you might see an air quality improvement.

  • Switch to safe cleaning agents and air fresheners that are made with natural ingredients for your lungs. 
  • Install CO2 detectors to make sure your gas appliances are not polluting the air.
  • Eliminate any water collection to deter mold or mildew from growing.
  • Vacuum regularly to limit the amount of pet dander that is collected in your carpets and rugs.
  • Deal with any pests in your attic or home to reduce their contaminant contribution.

Improve Home Ventilation

Most AC systems recycle air that is already in your home. The lack of fresh air and a tightly sealed home can contribute to the recirculation of contaminants. There are a few ways you can improve your ventilation at home.

  • Use bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans to move contaminated air directly outside.
  • Operate window or attic fans to increase the outdoor ventilation rate.
  • Open windows and doors during nice weather.

Using these tactics works especially well when activity in the home is producing air pollutants. Any home projects that use tools like saws and sanders should be completed outside if at all possible to avoid the indoor spread. Also, home projects like painting and staining should be monitored closely and properly ventilated to keep side effects from becoming prevalent.

One of the most common pollutant producers is simply cooking in your kitchen. The moisture and other residues that cooking releases into the air can wreak havoc inside your AC system and filters. Moisture is the enemy of clean air. Using ventilation tactics is really important to remember around meal times

Air Cleaning Systems

From table-top units to whole-home systems, there are several ways to clean your home’s air. You should keep in mind that the efficiency of air purification systems depends on air-circulation rate and efficiency rating.

A high air-circulation rate does nothing if it has low efficiency, and a high-efficiency system can’t perform effectively with a low air-circulation rate. Make sure you know the size of the area you want to address and that your system is matched well with that demand.

It’s also a good idea to consider the strength of the pollutant source you are trying to fight with air cleaners. A strong pollutant might not be affected by a small purification system. Consider all the possible factors before investing in an air cleaner and monitor the air after it has been purchased to make changes as needed.

Need More Help With Your IAQ?

Mission AC is ready and willing to assist you with all your IAQ concerns. We want your home to be as healthy as possible, and we won’t stop until you feel safe and confident in your air quality. Contact us today!

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