Whole Home dehumification system Installers Houston, TX

If you've lived in Houston for more than an hour you're well acquainted with humidity and heat........and mosquitos.  We can't do anything about the mosquitos but we can certainly help you with keeping cool and removing moisture from your home.

HVAC systems are the primary method of dehumidificaiton in homes nation wide but they don't always do the trick.  Fortunately where HVAC systems are lacking a whole home de-humidifier can step up and provide a way more indoor environment.

COMFORT STARTS AT 75 degrees with 50% humidity during summer time

We know that comfort starts at 75 degrees with 50% relative humidity during the summer but often times our homes fall well outside this desired range.  You're probably NOT measuring this problem but you can certainly feel it.  Sticky, sweaty, muggy, stale air.  You're home shouldnt feel like the jungle ..... ever.  

A whole home dehumidification system self regulates the desired humidity level making you way more comfortable at a higher temperature.  This even saves you on high hvac bills.

Want a well regulated home with lower utility bills and a high level of comfort?  Go with a whole home de-humidification system.


3 TIPS AFTER installing a Whole Home Dehumidifier

1. Whole Home Dehumidifiers produce small amounts of heat

The supplied air from a dehumidifier compared to the air coming in will be 15-25 degrees warmer depending on the load given.  The quantity of air will not be that large compared your central air system.  There is however a way to mitigate the heat produced by a dehumidifier through design and installation setup.  One way to setup a whole home dehumidifier is to set its own return air duct then put the supply side into the return of your central air system.  This way the warmed and dehumidified air is then cooled before entering your home.

2. Set your dehumidifier to 45% Relative Humidity at 77 Degrees

AHSRAE recommends 77 degree setting on your normal air conditioning system with 45% Relative Humidity.  Average human comfort is 50% relative humidity at 75 degrees.  With lowered humidity you'll be comfortable at a higher set temperature which will allow for less utility usage..... saving you money. 

Some customer when they first receive a whole home dehumidifier have the temptation to run the humidity as low as possible.  This can be a mistake because you do ACTUALLY want some humidity in the air.  If the humidity is too low this will not be as good for your skin, will increase static electricity in the house etc.  Need to set your whole home dehumidifier like goldilocks would......  Not too high and not too low but JUST RIGHT.

3. Remember to change your Dehumidifier's Filter

Whole Home dehumifiers that come from major manufacturers like Honeywell, and Ultra-Aire (clean comfort), have filters built in.  These are typically smaller 1" filters that should be changed every 1-3 months depending on how impacted they get and home much your dehumidifier runs.