Whole Home dehumification system Installers Houston, TX

If you've lived in Houston for more than an hour you're well acquainted with humidity and heat........and mosquitos.  We can't do anything about the mosquitos but we can certainly help you with keeping cool and removing moisture from your home.

HVAC systems are the primary method of dehumidificaiton in homes nation wide but they don't always do the trick.  Fortunately where HVAC systems are lacking a whole home de-humidifier can step up and provide a way more indoor environment.

COMFORT STARTS AT 75 degrees with 50% humidity during summer time

We know that comfort starts at 75 degrees with 50% relative humidity during the summer but often times our homes fall well outside this desired range.  You're probably NOT measuring this problem but you can certainly feel it.  Sticky, sweaty, muggy, stale air.  You're home shouldnt feel like the jungle ..... ever.  

A whole home dehumidification system self regulates the desired humidity level making you way more comfortable at a higher temperature.  This even saves you on high hvac bills.

Want a well regulated home with lower utility bills and a high level of comfort?  Go with a whole home de-humidification system.