Server room getting too hot?  Need to cool down your Server room with an air conditioning system that is ideally designed for IT and server areas?  Ductless (and even some ducted) mini splits are great solutions because they are compact, efficient and do a tremendous job spot cooling (and heating) areas.

Here we have an example of a server room that has been outfitted with a newly installed Mitsubishi Mini Split system.  This particular one is a two zone system where we have two indoor air handler to one outdoor condenser.  This was done because the company has two separate server rooms with racks in each.  


  • Mitsubishi MXZ-3B24NA-1 system w/
  • two MSZ-GE12NA-8
  • two Condensate Pump - Rectorseal ASP-MO-UNI
  • Line Set Cover indoor and outdoor
  • 230 Electrical to disconnect & whip
  • 14/4 wiring to indoor units
  • Copper lineset (insulated)
  • City Permit
  • Mounting Bracket
  • PVC 
  • Flexible non kink drain lines & clear vynl tubing

Questions or Curious about cooling down your server room AND your business is in greater Houston, TX we'd be glad to help you out.