Before and After 16 SEER two stage system Installed

Before and after 16 SEER Two Stage AC Installation

One of our most popular Air Conditioning systems is the 16 SEER two stage.  We install a variety of hvac systems from 14 SEER single stage to 20+ SEER inverter products though this is the system we most commonly provide to our customers.


1. WARRANTY - All daikin systems include 12 year parts warranties.  The two stage systems include a 12 year unit replacement warranty.  Meaning that if the compressor or the heat exchanger fails within 12 years you will be provided a new condenser or furnace instead of just the individual compressor or heat exchanger. FURTHER, in most cases we include a 12 year labor warranty which translates to no ac repair bills for the next 12 years.

2. COMFORT - Two stage systems operate in a low or high speed.  When designed correctly the low stage operation allows for increased dehumidification.  Lower humidity than single stage is a big win in southern states.  More comfort and better efficiency.

3. PRICE - The Daikin two stage systems are relatively not much more than single stage systems. Making the benefits worth the additional cost.

4. FEATURES - WiFi thermostats are included with the two stage and inverter systems.  These thermostats are compatible with Amazon's Echo (alexa app) allowing for voice control of your thermostat.  Additionally in most cases we provide media filtration to our two stage systems which allows the system to operate clean.  Clean systems last and keep their efficiency longer than those with standard 1" filters.

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