Why install a 20 SEER Inverter Air Conditioner

WHY is a 20 SEER inverter driven HVAC system a great option for your home?

High Efficiency Air Conditioners are being adopted at a higher and higher rate.  Here are some reasons why you might consider updating your HVAC system to a variable speed inverter vs a single stage system.

Lower Humidity = Higher Comfort

In humid climites like ours in Houston this is a very big deal.  Sure a properly sized single speed air conditioner can "cool" your home down to 74 degrees BUT if the humidity is above 60 % you will be quite stuffy.  An inverter system will draw more moisture from the air than a traditional single stage system.  Though we typically recommend a whole home dehumidifier to truly dial in humidity an inverter will impact humidity far more than single stage.

Precision Comfort

The cooling demand of your home changes every day and every hour YET we size air conditioners for reaching 75 degree indoor with 95+ degree outdoor temperatures.  Those conditioners occur only for a small percentage of the year.  Outdoor conditions will be above or below 95 for a majority of the year.  This means that your single stage equipment is either too small or too big MOST OF THE TIME!  A multi speed inverter will operate based on the changing conditions and demands of the home.  A huge advantage.... especially in shoulder seasons which translates to more your home being more comfortable year round.

Low Energy Bills

Spend less month to month on your energy bill.  We've had countless customers call to tell us how impressed they were by the drop in energy bills.  It's no surprise to us because heating and cooling is the largest energy consumer in your home.  Properly sized and installed inverter HVAC systems will deeply impact your monthly energy bill.

12 year warranty

Most manufacturers offer 10 years of warranty coverage.  Daikin provides a 12 year warranty on the system.  There is also a unit replacement warranty where if the compressor fails a new outdoor unit will be provided instead of just the compressor.  This is the LONGEST warranty on central air equipment available.


Simple: A variable speed a/c system will provide lower utility bills and much greater home comfort comfort.

Comparing 2 stage systems vs variable speed systems?

Yes, two stage/speed systems share some of the same attributes that a variable speed inverter carries.  Lower humidity and lower utility bills.  A two stage system will typically have a 100% capacity speed and a lower speed around 70%.  This allows longer run times resulting in lower energy bills and more dehumidification.  2 stage is a good middle option HOWEVER an inverter system carries many many more speeds.  A two stage system will still be oversized or undersized for the environment whereas an inverter will pinpoint the exact speeds needed at almost any given point.

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