WHy I'm a Big Fan of the TRANE XV18

I'm a HUGE fan of the Trane XV18.  Why?  I believe in comfortable, crisp, consistent air that can be remotely controlled. 

COMFORTABLE - Having an inverter compressor is like having 1,000 air conditioners in your back yard.  Most A/C units will hit you with too much or too little cooling.  The XV18 (and 20) will give you exactly what you need when you need it.  Makes for even temperatures.  No big fluctuations.

CRISP - The fact that the XV18 is an inverter with variable speeds allows for a big jump in humidity control.  This is a big deal in Houston b/c it allows for humidity to be more easily removed from your home.

CONSISTENT - Its Trane first of all.  From our first hand experience we've installed quite a few of these systems with no real problems.  

CONTROL - The system is highly complex.  Its basically a sophisticated computer that happens to cool and heat your home.  Despite the complexity Trane has a very intuitive thermostat in the Comfort Link ii.  (see picture below)

David LewisComment