Trane XV20i Heat Pump

Review Trane XV20i Heat Pump

We've said a lot about how great the XV20i system is.  How the XV series is a big step up over traditional systems and firmly better than the XL (previously trane's top of the line).  The benefits of the XV20i are primarily honed in on conserving energy, improving quality of indoor air and being super quiet.  Since we've already establish these features in great detail, I won't bore you with more dronings on those benefits.  Instead, we'll discuss some specific design details from this project and talk about why we chose them for this particular home.  


This is a 5 ton Trane XV20i Heat Pump system with matching variable speed air handler.

A few additional items we engineered into this system were:

  • Additional supply air ductwork for improved airflow (customer was converting their upstairs into a workspace)

  • UV light filtration for improving air quality ( customer has ozone induced allergies so we eliminated the Trane CleanEffects b/c it produces Ozone AND the particular UV light we chose does NOT produce Ozone. Others do)

  • Second Return Air - air coming into the system was undersized and therefore we built an additional return air (air inlet) for drawing in hot air from the customers upstairs and improving the pressure on the system. Allows for better air flow with less effort from the unit.

  • Added two media filters to again improve the air quality a media filter box was built for each return air.

  • Comfortlink II thermostat - you can see the retro 1995 thermostat below. New Comfortlink ii is wifi enable and capable of setting schedules, changing colors, integrating with smartphone etc etc. Can even integrate with other z-wave systems... alarms, lights, locks etc.

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