Mitsubishi Ducted Mini Split

Ducted Mitsubishi Mini Split Installation

Let me first emphasize that this installation is NOT normal.  The scenario was NOT your typical situation nor was this a planned new construction build.  The circumstances forced us to get creative with how we provide Air Conditioning and Heating to this home.  This system was installed on a home in West University Place (Houston, TX).  

The background is this.  The home owner had a garage as well as covered parking on the front side of their house.  They decided make the garage part of the house as a family room.  Picture of the room is below.  The problem which they encountered is that the room is under a second story with NO air conditioning.  In fact there are NO vents to the new place AND the existing air conditioning and heating system was NOT large enough to handle the additional load thus leaving them with a beautiful and yet very uncomfortable room.  Not a good situation.  That is when we got a call from the home owner to create a solution for this situation.

The customer wanted something that A) Made the room comfortable and worth spending time in AND B) was aesthetic to the space.

For aesthetic purposes we ruled out doing a traditional wall mounted ductless mini split and opted for a ducted Mitsubishi mini split air handler.   

Installation included

Mitsubishi Heat Pump System providing heating and cooling to space 12,000 BTU cooling capacity. - SEZ-KD12NA4 SUZ-KA12NA 
16 SEER Efficiency Heat Pump

7 year compressor warranty
5 year parts warranty
1 year labor warranty

Ducted system.  Includes: Cutting sheetrock, within garage space. up to 3 supply ducts & 1 return air duct, boxes and grills,  Placing grills 22" below ceiling.  Plenum distribution. Installation labor, permits, condensation drains, secondary pan, overflow prevention device, Hanging straps, unistrut supports, Condenser pad, disconnect box, whip, copper line set w/ covering, control wire, small parts etc.

Needing New Air Conditioning added to a Bonus Room?

This can be a difficult proposition.  How to add new A/C to new spaces can be easily accommodated with mini splits or central air HOWEVER It takes proper planning to execute well.  If you're in Houston needed help with new rooms added to your home we'd be glad to give you free information and advice.    

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