Trane 16 SEER system XB16 HVAC

Trane 16 SEER XB16 3 ton Air Conditioning and Heating System installed in the heights Houston, TX

 Trane 3 ton XB16 HVAC system

Trane 3 ton XB16 HVAC system

This particular HVAC system was installed in the heights near downhouse (I have dreams about their smoked salmon and eggs).  The system it replaced was a ~30 year old dinosaur.  The old system had not completely conked out but it just was not providing the home complete cooling. Temperatures would hover around 78-80 degrees on the old system.  It was certainly trying but couldn't keep up during the heat of the day.  

XB16 Trane System

Some of the benefits to this system became immediately noticeable compared to the old system.  Operation was significantly quieter.  This goes for both the indoor and outdoor units.  The blower motors on these have a far lower operating noise level than their predecessors.  

Lower utilities - there will be a huge difference in energy consumption in this home because the old system clearly could not keep up making it run continuously.  With the properly installed HVAC system sized and installed correctly there should be a definitely drop in utilities.  Cooling and heating typically constitutes 40% of your energy bill.  Thus with a system that is around double the efficiency the home owner could see a ~20% reduction in energy usage.  Pretty great. 

The XB 16 is 2 steps above the baseline Trane systems.  Still it provides more efficiency benefit (not as much as the XV18 and XV20i) but is more economical in terms of the up front cost compared to the Trane XV18 and XV20i.


Comes with a 10 year parts warranty and 20 year heat exchanger warranty. 

 Trane XB 16 HVAC system

Trane XB 16 HVAC system

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