LG Ductless Minisplit Installed in Houston, TX

Ductless Minisplit Installed in Houston, TX

So what's the big deal with ductless air conditioners?  

Here in Houston and in much of the 50 nifty united states we think of these as the perfect application for flex spaces like garages and small additions or screened in porches. The truth is that world wide ductless minisplits are far more common than central air.  They are highly efficient, break down far less than central air, and cost considerably less in most cases.  

In this particular setting we installed this LG minisplit inverter V on a garage space.  The owner was looking for a system that would cool his garage space in a cost effective way leading to this natural solution.

His home is also costal on the east side of Houston toward galveston and kemah and so we mounted the unit and elevated it off the ground in case of flooding.

How much does it cost to have a ductless minisplit installed? 

In this case it was ~$4,000 but bare in mind price will depend on brand, efficiency, as well as other additional items.

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