Round Air Grills to Rectangular ones - HVAC

Modernizing Supply Air Register Grills from 1940s-50s style Ranch Houses in Houston, TX.

I've seen a recent uptick in friends of mine with a similar request.  Mostly these are younger Millenialish houstonian's moving into their first or second homes in areas like Briar Grove or Oak Forest.  In these areas of houston,  they are performing much needed remodeling/updating on older homes that have great bones.  Often 40s and 50s style ranch homes.

"These Round Things Gotta Go"

Round Duct Register diffuser - gotta go


Rectangular three way air diffuser register

As you can see above we have a before and after shot of work we performed in Briar Grove.  This is actually the third time in the past 6 months I have been asked to do this.   All of which were in briar grove.  So as you can see we removed the round diffuser and replaced it with a three way rectangular supply grill.  We also move this toward on of the walls so that it would not be in the center of the room as the old one was.

If you're interested in changing your grills give us a ring to chat about it.  This work ran around ~$200 and included some modifications in the attic as well.  

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