Reasons to Replace HVAC system Evaporator Coil

Why replace instead of repair your Air Conditioning system's Evaporator Coil?


Why replace your HVAC system's Evaporator Coil? 

The typically reason for replacing any HVAC system evaporator coil is simple. The coil is leaking.  Specifically leaking refrigerant.  To repair an evaporator coil that is leaking freon can sometimes be easy if the leak is accessible while in many cases the high cost, effort, and low guarantee of workmanship result in choosing to replace the coil as opposed to salvaging an older one.  

How do you know your Evaporator Coil is leaking?

Below is a quick demo of a field piece used to detect the presence of refrigerant in the air.  The tool works like a metal detector would but in this case it detects freon.

This specific evaporator coil had very tight spacing so we opted to purchase an Aspen slab coil to replace the leaking goodman coil.  Aspen coils are known for great reliability and efficiency.  Standard units come with a 5 year warranty but can go up to 10 years.

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