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Who Is Responsible For A Waterline Leak Outside Of The Home?

When a water line breaks in your home, it’s obvious that you’re responsible for making sure the damage is repaired. But what about a leak outside of your house? How can you be sure what damage you’re responsible for and which pipes fall to the city to manage?

Luckily, Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing is here to help! We serve residents in Houston and surrounding areas with waterline leak repairs in and outside their homes. When it comes to pipes on your property, turn to the experts on our team. Turn to Mission AC!

Your City Water And You

City water, or municipal water, can travel hundreds of miles before reaching your home. These long, massive pipes gradually transition into smaller, narrower pipes until they cross your property line and enter your home. From there, you now have access to safe water for daily use.

When city pipes branch from the water main to deliver water to your home, it can be confusing which pipes are your responsibility and which are the city’s. When pipes succumb to damage and there’s a leak outside of your home’s walls, whose job is it to repair the damage?

Finding The Water Leak Source

Simply put, if a waterline breaks outside of your property line, it’s the utility company’s responsibility to repair the damage. However, if a waterline breaks inside your home or within the boundaries of your property – even on your lawn – it becomes your responsibility.

Locating the source of a waterline leak can be tricky, since water travels and may appear in an area away from the actual damage. Here are some signs you might have a waterline leak:

  • Flooded areas on your lawn
  • Increasing water bills with no water use changes
  • Cracked or broken sidewalks or driveway
  • The sound of running water when no water is being used

For dependable, efficient waterline inspections and repairs, reach out to the team at Mission AC. We can trace a waterline to pinpoint the source of your damaged pipe and get to work quickly. When you need thorough plumbing services you can rely on, you need our team.

The Waterline Pros In Houston

Using the latest in industry expertise and technology, our team takes plumbing seriously. We work hard for you to bring your piping system back into good working order. Waterline leak repairs can be a serious investment for a lot of Houston homeowners.

That’s why we offer financing options to help our customers take advantage of our services when unforeseen plumbing issues strike. Trust our team to give you the top-quality, long-lasting services you deserve, and rest assured we’ll get the job done right!

Water Leak Repairs With Mission AC

When you have a waterline leak on your property, you can rely on the professional plumbers at Mission Air Conditioning and Plumbing. We can inspect, repair or replace your Houston water line to get your plumbing running efficiently in no time. To get started today, reach out to the Mission AC team today!

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